10 December 2008


I missed the alarm! I was supposed to wake Mr Joker up at 6 but *sigh* I only could shut my eyes at 430, after a long convo with Busuk. I woke up pretty early today compared to the other days but grrr I don't even feel happy doing that! My phone line is fcuked up and I can't seem to receive anything not even texts. I hate DiGi, I hate DiGi!!

I tried so many ways and yet it still doesn't seem to work smoothly! It'll only work that ONE AND ONLY TIME after many many times of retry so pissed can die. If it weren't for the beautiful number that I'm still holding on to, I would really wish to change to Maxis since DiGi doesn't provide 3G service and whats the point of having a 3G phone when you can't even 3G someone right?? Ok, right.

Its time to explore some new toys! No longer into white phones. I think I've been watching too much Gossipgirl lately. The phones they use look really cool and prettaay. These are my favourites ;P

SE W960i.

I like w950i better but w950i has the worst function ever. No 3G and most importantly, no camera! How can any phone not have a camera right! Totally out but the design is great. w960i have everything I needed except that it doesn't look prettier than w950i.

Blackberry Bold.

So cute can die *drools* I don't know what function it provides but this is so pretty lor! Very round and cute how to not fall for it. This is at least umm.. somewhere near 3k *pukes blood*

Nokia E71.

This is the prettiest of all zomfgwtfbbq. I fell in love with this the minute I saw Uncle Soon using in Bangkok. But but, people with fat fingers like mine will have big problems using this lor lol. The keypad looks very tiny. The price should be a killer ._.


Very scary eyes. I did not even do any editing to my eyes O_O

I want my line back grr. Stupid Digi! Oh and, there might be a change in url at the end of the year ;P

Loves, V.

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