12 December 2008


Hi! i am Momo.

i think you all won't know who am i lol.

aiya you all know i'm a replacement to blog here sigh sigh.

For your information ah, i don't speak good english so excuse the grammar or compre or vocab error la k.

I know i know. those normal blog posts (by yours truly, viviann) you see here, the english is very good right !! Too bad, i was not born in a wealthy family to go to private school to study good english D:

OKAAAAAAAY! Let's see :)

stupid ownder of this blog, is at hongkong now, as you all know. we all are suffering under the hot sun now while she's enjoying the cool air wtf life is so unfair lorh ! didnt she just go to bangkok few days ago ?!?!?!!

eh viviann i dont know what to blog for you man @@

i scared all your visitors ciao oledi because i blog very lame and use broken english wtf

sorry viviann D: im a bad blogger!!

ok larh, i end this post with one picture!


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