13 December 2008

boo 2!

see vivian! i update for you sin! my own blog also i haven touch!

hello :) sorry i didn't update for her today. was busy busy busy wusy ;D did anyone watch aod, 8:30 show last last night? the part where the kay kay fought with ah mei something like that. eh did they actually kiss? lol it looked like they cut the scene :O or maybe they didn't even took the scene -_-

anyways, i hope vivian's having a great time there! did you meet bosco anot!

speaking of bosco, i just saw someone's pm and it's bosco's birthday today arh?!

oops wrong pic :D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOSCO WONG CHUNG CHAK! you very leng zai and talented and rich hehe :D i love you! LOL.

okay end of post HAHAHAHA. sorry lah. i want to update my own blog. it's dying oledi. ciao!

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