23 December 2008


I have been very lazy lately, to a stage that I don't give a damn about my analytics anymore. I am very very lazy to even check my Nuffnang. But this doesn't mean that I don't care about how much I get weekly! So don't stop reading please, do some good deed k ;P

Went out yesterday to collect my geo lens. It has finally arrived muahaha! Ok I was really worried if the seller is really lansi or or bitchy kinda girl wtf but I guess I really think too much lol. Busuk got the brown one and I got the grey one. I had a hard time putting the lens into my eyes. The lens is bigger than my eyes wtf. Got damn frus but somehow it ended up inside my eyes already hoho. I look like I'm about to cry with the lens.

Its really uncomfortable at first but got used to it really quick. There ain't much difference :( I should've bought the brown one instead, regret regret. Mummykins didn't even know I was wearing contacts *sigh* I think I just threw 50rm into the seawater wtf.

That's me with my smelly pillow ;P
Don't you feel like telling me stop crying wtf.

On the happier note *evil laughs*, Busuk got me my early birthday pressie! She got me a BB Cream nyahahaha. I've always wanted to try it cause Jensu kept on praising it. I think its a lil dry for my skin :( I have a very very very very very dry skin wtf. Its time to take good care of it already before I start to regret *sigh*

Oh the other day, cSeong brought me out to watch Ip Man along with his friends. Haven't seen KenVII for 5 good years! Finally met him and he was still as funny as ever. He even wanted to cheer me up with popcorn cause I was in a really bad mood the other day but no worries! 我想通了!;)

Its supposed to be pronounce as YIP MAN not I-P MAN wtf wtf. Why did they even come up with such name man! Confuse ppl only wtf.

9.5/10 *two thumbs up*
I am never a fan of action movies. Is this even a action movies? ANYTHING WILL DO LA WTF BUT since I would say this is nice, this has to be nice already! Go watch it, you'll never regret!

Donnie Yen is so hot wtf. He looks so damn good even with wrinkles man.

Watched this again. I didn't even finish it. Its quite boring *yawns*

I'm left with my Day 5 but I don't think I would blog about it cause my battery died the last day I was there. I only had a few pictures with me and I'm too lazy to pass the pendrive to Patrick wtf. Will do it after the editings prolly.

In the mean time, check this out.


Spotted this kid in a temple. So cute can die. But his mum is really lansi can die wtf. She rolled her eyes at me leh when I didn't even do anything. I took this photo without her noticing. The kid loves me ok, he kept on smiling at me *blushes*

shut up.

Loves, V.

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