01 December 2008

Back in One Piece

After what happened yesterday, it made me realize that I have really wonderful friends who truly care all these while. When was the last time I cried over issues like that? My negative thinking made me felt like shit. I felt really stupid for making such decision but after a long beauty sleep, I realize I've been a very selfish bitch since day one. "I don't share," Yes, I don't share especially when it comes to problems like that. Don't take something that doesn't/won't belong to you. What is yours eventually will be yours :)

*does the 90degree bow* I, hereby thank each and everyone of you for your care and concern! Also, I would wanna sincerely apologize to those who I've hurt whether with my words or action. I should now filter every word that would be coming out from my mouth wtf especially to Fats. I know you'll forgive me because I'm your best wife ever wtf wtf. No worries, sampat Vivian is back deyyyy ;)

Shit, I feel so sexy saying stuffs like that hoho. I am not crazy and I mean every word I say okay! I know I don't do this often but you'll get used to it :) Dinner's ready!

Loves, V.

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