11 November 2008


Alright, I'm rewriting this. I cannot bare to see such short posts published hoho.

My morning was quite bad wtf. My mum enjoys making loud loud noises early in the morning and she would always come into my room, speaking very very loudly grr. And me, I always get a shock wtf. My maid is another problem now. She would shout at Jack loudly every morning as thou Jack is deaf mygod. What's with women nowadays? :S

Couldn't get back to sleep with the amount of noises in the house so decided to wake up and wait for time to pass heh. Sengster came to pick Jensu and I up and we went over to Aunty Juliets for brunch/lunch. My lunch was alright but I would still prefer my all time favo black pepper lamb chop *drools* :D. How can anyone not love lamb chops! Joked around and decided to left when the weather got hotter and hotter wtf.

Then it was McDees for aircond hoho. Played around with the DSLR. Bumped into Peiwuon and she came over to join us. We played the hand game and omg omg omg I am seriously very slow lol. Stupid Sengster tried to hoi me many many times zz. My knuckles was really red but hoho I took my revenge. Home by 630pm.

Am going to school tomorrow! After a week but I'm going for the sake of the football match that I've promised the guys earlier. They wanted us to be cheerleaders and even agreed to sponsor us for the pom poms wtf stupid ah. Another reason is to meet the Lame King :( Goshhhh, can't believe his leaving this Thursday to Oz *sigh*

Everyone seems to have planning for their future but not me :(( I don't know what I wanna do. OR rather, I don't know what can I do. Especially after what the brother achieved. I think I'm gonna disappoint the 'rents again. NVM! I still have a year to make up my mind. Start thinking, Vivian..

My head is still spinning after a long nap. The weather is terrible wtf.

Till then.

Loves, V.

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