02 November 2008

That's Okay Baby

I wonder which girl would say no to this..

TIFFANY & CO!! *drools*

I've never been a fan of accessories. The only thing I wear is the necklace that Mummykins got me for my 10th birthday present. I don't get why woman get all crazy over diamonds. I'm not a fan of diamond FOR NOW but I guess I would fall head over heels for it someday heh. I want that Heart Tag Toggle Bracelet! *big wet eyes*

I'm still considering whether I should be in school tomorrow or not.

Okay la, I'm damn lazy and I don't know what to do in school at all. Although the lessons tomorrow would be relaxing but I.. *cough* d...on...'t *cough* w..a.n....a.a. *cough* c...u.t *cough* mmm..yy... *cough* nails *coughs even louder*

That is probably the world's most lousy reason to skip school but I used that when I was in Form 2 and Mummykins actually approved okay! I did not even collect some of my exam marks haha but that was like what? 2 freaking years back? Its the holidays and I would love to keep my nails long but the prefects in school grrr totally potong-ed off the steam. BITCHES.

Why they cannot be slightly more considerate? Its the holidays and they still want you to cut your bloody nails. I've seen prefects with long and painted nails okay?! How come they don't check the prefects nails but us wtf wtf. Maybe their just jealous that people have long nails and they don't *sticks tongue out* and *roll ma fcking eyes*

I don't know how to ponteng with friends. Can someone please kindly teach me? HAHA. I don't have the guts to ponteng grr. Hopefully Mummykins would give the green light *fingers crossed*

Big head but SMALL eyes.

I wanna try my luck! BYEEE ;D

Loves, V.

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