09 November 2008

Tell Me


I know some of you are quite curious what actually happened yesterday *coughs* It was quite a big deal when it happened but when I thought bout it today, I think its actually quite stupid wtf.

We were leaving Kepong and I don't know whats wrong with my Khaiyeh at all wtf. He was driving so so so damn fast and rushy as though his going tau toi wtf so okay then I think the way he drives pisses the indian motorcyclist very very badly.

So then this motor drove next to us and started scolding bla bla bla wtf we couldn't even hear. THEN (this is where drama happens), my Khaiyeh got pissed and wanted to bang him. Khaima who was sitting at the back was shouting lol and my Khaiyeh couldn't be bothered and he even said, "Let him die if he wants to," CRAZY CRAAAZZYYYY OMG WTF. I being as coward as always, covered my eyes and ears. The motorcyclist damn em song and took his helmet out wanted to throw to us omg omg omg.

But we drove off jeng jeng jeng it was red light gg.com. No where to run wtf then from the back the motorcyclist threw his helmet "BONG!" very very loud then his helmet flew lol. He wanted to pick his helmet up and come after us again but thank God, THANK GOD, it was green light and we speed right away.

So dramatic can die dot com. My fingers were numb and my legs were shivering all the way wtf.

Loves, V.

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