04 November 2008


I wonder which idiot told me to go to school wtf. Do you know the attendance was really really bad and yet teaching & learning still have to go on? There were less than 10 person in class okay! I was planning to sleep in class but the teachers would start using the "do-your-corrections-and-I'll-give-you-extra-coursework-marks" grr. Then all of us fall for it *sigh*

Look at the amount of students!

I am praying really hard that Mummykins would just let me out again wtf. I know this is a little too much (or issit not?) but I've got shit lots of presents to buy. Okay la prolly 2 only but its still alot wtf. So hopefully when Fats ask later, she would get flattered by his sweet talks and brain washed and give me the green light!

Patrick texted me a good news today! WOOHOOO ;D. Am going to HONGKONG in December! HHAHAHAHA FINALLY DREAM CAME TRUE. I love 2008 to death man ;)


Loves, V.

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