28 November 2008

Nothing To Be Said

Time and time again, I always tell myself that I need to be there for you. Even after hearing negative comments about you, I still choose to trust you. You've always been that special someone who owns a certain place in my heart but did you actually realize what you've done to it? You fucking crushed it to pieces.

Look at yourself now. I see you have not much difference compared to the other girl that you despise and dislike. I don't know what had happened to us and I don't wish to know. I am very disappointed and feddup over your words already. I can't get over what you did a couple of months ago and neither can I get over what you fucking said to me.

It doesn't seem much like a problem to you but words like that coming out from your mouth, fucking hurts me inside out. I don't think I know who you are anymore. I no longer have trust and faith in you anymore.

On the other hand, I'm sorry to interfere your life which I'm not gonna do anymore. Now you can mess up your life like you wish to. I am not gonna bother and care about anything you're gonna do alright.

I think the ship is fucking sinking.

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