24 November 2008

Nobody, Nobody but X

Hello world! :)

Very very boring day indeed. Busuk came over last night. Did our usual pillow talk and disturbed some dude that is after her hahaha. WTF TO THE MAX MAN! I've never never came across sucha childish guy in my entire life. The worst thing is his a freaking 21 years old dude *smacks forehead* The things he say, the way he talks, the words he use.. karawalehhhh!

Speaking of immature guys, I miss the monkeys in my class so much! I miss Princess Yuric dragging his chair over and start his usual nonsense. I miss Yapliang's mean insults wtf. I miss Ian's smellyness hahaha. I miss Wenjie's laughter. I miss Hendrich's lameness. I miss Wairen's trademark smile. I miss argueing with Desmond. I miss James trying to show his machoness. I miss Keanwei and Derrick's gayness ;P

One more month till we meet each other *sigh* I wish school starts earlier but not because I am excited to study wtf. I have yet to buy my books. It's gonna be my last year and hopefully I don't fuck it up nicely :( Especially after the whole guiltyness for spending so much in Bangkok geez. I wanna do better in exams next year *keeping fingers crossed* I'M VERY SERIOUS WTF.

Am gonna eat my long awaiting black pepper lamb chop tomorrow hoho. Till then ;)

Fyi, I'm a Hokkien who dislikes Bak Kut Teh wtf. I eat but I only eat it when I don't have a choice lol. But I think I should start loving it since ....

Wilber loves it. Anything for you HAHAHAHAAH.

Loves, V.

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