05 November 2008

It's Gonna Worth It

Yay! Mummykins gave me the green light so yes another day out. I'm dead tired now but I've gotta finish blogging bout it before I delay and delay it again. Supposingly cSeong had to fetch me over but ended up, Mummykins called during the very last minute. I've never like it when she drops me off because she would ask lotsa lotsa questions. Like, Who am I going out with? What time will I be home? How much am I bringing? How many person going? Whose fetching me home? grrr.

I'm a freaking 16teen year old and I am old enuff to take care of myself. Its really irritating but I know she's doing it because she cares. So, I did not make any fuss about it.

Met up with Fats but he was so busy with his friend that he abandoned me wtf. I would rather walk alone then to sit down there, inhaling smokes wtf. The feeling of loneliness wtf and so I ended up in Thank goodness Jenn saved me! Waited for Fats *roll ma fcking eyes* with Jenn and Sengster. Yes la, I was pissed wtf.

Had Sushi Zanmai which I don't agree with anyone that it taste good. I think Genki Sushi taste wayyyyy better than Zanmai. The tamago is not soft and the ebiko is a little sour :( So not worth it lol. Maybe I should learn how to stop complaining haha. We watched Tropic Thunder, a pure stupid movie. I think I nearly fell asleep watching it grr. Its not that funny or maybe I'm just not a fan of movies like these.



Walked around the mall after movies and then Jenn and Seng left. I had a look at Battleground organized by Astro right outside the main entrance of Pyramid. Its a dancing competition btw. The groups looked pretty good to be honest. So many hot guys, so little time to stare *sigh* Oh and and I saw Kiyoshi from I Wanna Be a Model S2! Omg his so freaking hot can die dot com ok?

Meiyan and Danny Wen was the TV host. I wanted to grab a chance to take a photo with them but I thought it was kind of disturbing as their still working so missed the chance. But thank God, I had my camera with me. You see, this is the benefit when you bring a camera out. You wouldn't know who you'll meet ;)

Credits to Fats for all the photos. This is the benefit of being "tall" lol. I accidentally overwrite the original photo hence the bad photo quality.

cSeong came to fetch me and here I am now! I am really really tired that I would konked any minute grr. I have my stupid Economics correction to be done and handed in by the end of this week but I will not be going to school until next week. How am I supposed to pass it up to her? Unless I pass it over to Peiwuon but how am I supposed to meet Peiwuon -__-

I'mma do my corrections now. BYEEEE!

Loves, V.

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