12 November 2008

Inter-Class Footie & Basketball

A very very tiring day indeed.

I took a long nap right after I came back from the brunch all the way till 9pm. So when everyone was sleeping soundly, I am the only person who is still wide awake. Of course I had something and someone to keep me accompany throughout the night. I painted my nails wtf but its a lil cacated. By the time I realize it was cacated, I was damn sleepy already so couldn't be bothered.

It feels weird the minute I entered the class. Did some catch up with the others after so long tsk tsk. Time passes really slow today. We went to the court when the bell rang. The spirit of being supportive was there but the bad feeling was there at the same time. I had to constantly remind them to do their very best and win wtf because I don't want to waste my effort of coming to school haha.

Warming up.

Still got mood to laze around wtf.

We were taking care of their belongings and hoho I found something that NONE of you would believe what you see. I didn't believe it was him at first lol.

Its baby Lame King!

Can't believe he grew up to be someone so different tsk tsk haha.

The match took forever to start so us girls decided to camwhore a little while :)

Not long then, the match FINALLY started. Okay this is my very first time watching a football match. I don't even watch it from the telly! It got me quite kan cheong. I shouted quite a few times and Kelvin who was sitting quite a distance from us, havta ask me to shut up haha. Now I know why Suet is sucha football fan tsk tsk.

Our class was against the Teacher's team. And the score was..... JENG JENG JENG.


They scored during the last few minutes if I'm not mistaken. Its just a game but the guys are making such a big deal about it. I'm not quite sure what a last man should do but what can you do right? Don't score also score already. You keep blaming him wouldn't do anything good also. Waste of saliva and time. Do better in tomorrow's match then! 4 OMEGA ROCKS ;D

Next it was basketball. Not much supporter. I got feddup half way through the match because it was really hot and ew ew sticky -__-

Sneaked into Peiwuon's car together with Xingrou and happily went home! God, sucha scary experience but loved it ;) It was quite difficult to get rid of the guards wtf and there were teachers everywhere. But still gotta thank Peiwuon for the ride home hoho.

So is 6 hours consider sleep or nap?

Loves, V.

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