30 November 2008

Free Loop

I downloaded Made of Honor like months ago but didn't had the mood to watch until today. The movie was okay better than I expected. A very sweet movie worth watching with your loved ones.


I AM OBVIOUSLY THE BEST AND SMARTEST SISTER EVER WTF. Okay so you see, I was on my way to do my business wtf and cSeong called me up to his room. He was rushing out and he wants me to finish up his report for him wtf.. The job was easy so I agreed to help him out since he'd never say no when it comes to fetching me. But.. WHO KNEW HIS MICROSOFT EXCEL WOULD DIE JUST WHEN I FINISHED ATTACHING THE FILE TO THE MAIL AND AT THE SAME TIME THE EXCEL JUST OFF LIKE THAT.

Thank God my brain is working extra fast today. I sent another copy to my mail woohoo. The mail could be opened! MUAHAHA I DONT HAVE TO TYPE ANOTHER REPORT. See thats why we don't need a laptop, waste of money. I have a strong feeling my brother went clubbing, leaving his work to his beloved sister wtf. So you tell me, how can I not be the best sister ever HAR? You better agree with me wtf.

Anyway, I'll end the post with Wilber's pictures :) Imma watch Pi Li MIT now.

About to land and break his leg wtf.



Poor husband :(

Shweetest dreams. Nights.

Loves, V.

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