21 November 2008

Floating Market

My head doesn't feels good at all :( OH THE HORROR MANNNN. I need to get back all my beauty sleep zz. Mummykins thought I didn't clear off my eyeliners properly because... I HAVE EYES LIKE PANDAS NOW WTF WTF.

I went to the floating market to do Bangkok Dangerous II! Okay la, I kidd not funny -__-

Day 2, we sat like an hour plus car ride from our hotel to some kampung looking place to take a look at the floating market. If you've watched Bangkok Dangerous, one of the scene took place there so yeaaah. The water is SUPER DIRTY and almost every stall/sampan sells the same thing. Oh and and, most importantly everything is very expensive wtf. I wanted to take the boat with Jane, Uncle Soon and Paps but ended up with Mummykins, Aunty Irene and Uncle Soh.

GG. I went to the wrong boat okay. These 2 ahsohs cannot stop buying stuff grr and it was fucking sunny and hot. 上错船 :(

I just finished watching Miss No Good epi 12. Cried really badly throughout the show wtf no wonder I'm as emo as nemo now *sigh* I felt damn pek chek when I saw WilberP and Rainie kissed SO PASSIONATELY in the drama grrr. Had to self comfort myself that its just a bloody drama. But i swear man, they kissed like their so truly madly deeply in love with each other *cries in pain*





Jeng jeng jeng, presenting new Taiwan drama series! Go wiki yourself for more information. Kindly click on the name of the drama :)

我的億萬麵包/Love or Bread.

Rate: 8.5/10.

OMG LA LINGERIE! I've always wanted to watch this movie since long long time but because I was having my exams so I missed the chance to watch grr. Look at those pretty girls! So pretty can die dot com!! *drools* Alright their one of the reasons to make me so eager to watch it haha. You get to see pretty pretty bras too! Omg how can any girls/ladies/women/pohpoh not love bras!

No worries, I can pronounce the word LINGERIE properly already ok wtf. Oh and, I might be posting up my recordings hahahahahahhahahahahah. I have no guts to do that la :( I wish it wouldn't cause the analytics to drop and hopefully people won't bomb my tagboard. Will think about it again ;P

Loves, V.

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