28 November 2008


My friends think that I should change my name to DelayQueen instead wtf. Just because I haven't had the guts to pierce ma fcking ears.. I know I've always promise to do it but but I can't *big wet eyes* Don't look at me like that! I really don't like going through pain and Peiwuon, it kinda hurts when you poked my ears so I cannot imagine the pain if its worse than that.

I had great fun yesterday! I really miss Derrick after a year of not seeing him. Before meeting up with him, I was quite worried if we would look at each other awkwardly or not but everything turns out better than I expected. So anyway, we watched Twilight but my muthafcking bleeding love wouldn't give me a break. It hurts so fucking badly bahhh *roll ma fcking eyes* I'm sorry for the moodyness yesterday :(, today, the following days -__-

Read Derrick's blog for more detailed info. I don't quite remember what I did also lol.

Twilight wasn't that good. The bunch of monkeys sitting in front of me is fucking fucking rude magechaohai. & they don't quite get the message of "TSK!" and "YORRR!" wtf wtf I did that quite loud lor! wtf as if their dad owns the fucking cinema. Well even if they do, I fucking paid to watch a movie not to hear their monkey noises. Whoever Calvin and Sean is *roll eyes* They shouted each other names -.- Edward Cullen is not hot like I said before and Bella is not pretty either -__-

7/10. More than enuff.

Q: Why did the girls shouted when they saw Edward Cullen?
A: Bcause his not hot at all wtf.

This is my beloved Daidailou :)

Derrick & Busuk.

This is TMOF the kiss scene happened in Epi 11 if I'm not mistaken wtf.

Some leftover pictures on Tuesday.


I'm sorry for not arranging the pictures. Whatever it is.

Loves, V.

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