03 November 2008

Dao Re

I managed to skip school without using the world's stupidest reason ;P

Slept late and woke up late grr. I kinda regret for not going to school. Staying at home is probably the most boring thing to do and some retard thinks I'm some lazy bum who lazed at home wtf. Okay la maybe I am haha.

So we had last minute plannings for Dao Re when Jenn and I were texting. Dragged Sengster along and he came to pick us ladies up at 530pm hoho ;) THANK YOU SO MUCH HUMONGOUS KOK *flying kisses* HAHAHA.

I totally have no comment on the food I ordered but the pork and chicken that Jenn ordered was really really good. Love love love the pork especially. I would still prefer Sushigroove's bimbimbap, Jenn ;P

I didn't know holding a chopstick is that difficult wtf. But thank God, I'm not the only person who doesn't know how to hold a chopstick properly hoho.

My pork rib soup wtf.

Side dishes.


Humongous Kok.

Kim Jen Su.

Watch this. I AM THE BETTER ONE ;D

Went over to Sengster's house and waited for him to bath. I love love your toilet man HAHAHA. I should've just snapped a photo of him naked but but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to get out of his house alive haha.

Something that resembles Seng.

This is... when I opened that window and tried to snap a picture of him naked but failed! GRR IT WAS TOO FUNNY HAHAHAAH.

Very messy wardrobe tsk tsk tsk.

Can't believe I still have to go to school tomorrow grr. I wish I need not collect my results ;(

Nights sweetums.

Loves, V.

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