07 November 2008

Convocation Pt.1

Good day :)

Officially a Degree holder! I think this is gonna be your best 21st birthday pressie ever! Paps was damn kua cheong ok wtf. He went to bought a new shirt for himself just to attend the convocation. Noone is happer than Paps hoho. I think cSeong would be Paps best investment >:)

The convocation was held all the way at Inti UC, Nilai. & I thought Nilai only needs a half an hour ride from my house but wtf an hour ride okay! So so damn far and its like a middle of no where. I wonder how do students manage to survive in there. No entertainment dey. The hall was pretty and everyone was really friendly. I bumped into TofuPok that Motorsikal guy from Astro AEC. Any impression?

The speeches were fucking long. NOTE THAT, fucking long. Especially that dude which I forgotten his name, he gave super long speeches. Kononnya its related to their future bla bla bla but everything is about Malaysia's politics and economy wtf. He can speak all the way back to the 60s okay? kaiwanxiao an hour long ok? -__-

I had Mark to talk to so I guess it was slightly better. He actually taught me lotsa stuffs bout the camera and how to take a better pix. At least I know the camera I'm using now isn't that bad eyh ;P But its kinda marfan to like keep changing the settings grr. I wish Paps would just get a Sony or Canon digital camera for me :(

I don't have much pictures with me cause most of the photos are with Mark so will do a continuation in Pt.2!

Pictures time!

tsk tsk, I should consider becoming a florist -__-

I'mma watch my dramas now! BYEEEEEE ;D

Loves, V.

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