20 November 2008

Back In Action

Guess whose back?
Back again!
Vivian's back,
Tell a friend,
Guess whose back, guess whose back, guess whose back, guess whose back,
guess whose back, guess whose back, guess whose back.. ;) No, I'm not a fan of Eminem at all.

Yes, Vivian is back! *sreams wtf wtf*

THANKIU HUMONGOUS KOK FOR BLOGGING FOR ME HOHO. No, my analytics didn't pump up like you said also wtf instead it dropped by 20 hahaha. Anyway, thankiuu ahnSohee ;P

Bangkok was great. The food, the people (not the ones from the Immigration), the shopping, the massage... ah, almost everything! I got the eyeliners that I wanted also hoho. I know like from all places I can get but I chose to get it from Bangkok. Hello, my bank which is my Paps came along ok so obviously must spend as much as I can what wtf. Plus, Malaysia sold it at a cheaper price -__- I feel so so smart wtf.

I'm starting to miss the tomyam already. I had tomyam like everyday when I was there! Its so so good *drools* The massage is something that you cannot miss. I've never tried being massage so it was my first time. I had a foot massage on the first day. It tickles wtf and I kept on laughing when they massage my thighs haha. The following days I had Thai massage. It hurts to be honest lol. It huts like mad ok wtf! The lady was really small in size prolly I am twice or thrice of her size -___- but she got a really good strength. She can even lift me up WTF WTF.

Am not planning to post much of the Bangkok photos cause... too pale looking and tooo fat :( I gained back what I lost *sigh* So its better not to make anyone of you puke.

I'm dying of boredom at home. Any plans, anyone!

Loves, V.

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