15 November 2008

Back in 4 Days

Hello everyone!

I'll be leaving to Bangkok tomorrow morning at 7am *flashes big big big big big big smile* God you don't know how much I've always wanted to go Bangkok! Now that I can finally go, its shopping time hoho >:)

I have so many tags to be done. I wanted to schedule each tag a day when I'm in Bangkok but its a little too late already since I gotta do my packing like now and I've to wake up at freaking 4am tomorrow geeez *roll ma fcking eyes* I cannot imagine my analytics diminish like dono what wtf wtf. Hopefully can gain em back after Bangkok! :(

I'll be back on Wednesday night hoho. So its bye for now! Take good care of yourself peoples. I know this is difficult but... try not to miss me hohoho.

You know you love me. xoxo,

Vivian T.


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