23 November 2008

Ai no Uta

Rating: Unlimited number of ♥s!

I am officially in love with Koizora! So sad to say that the drama has finally come to an end (my end) *cry like a baby wtf* Despite having such bad ending, I still love the show so so so much! Why did Hiro died! Why didn't Mika successfully jumped into the river and die together! Oh yeah I don't quite get the ending. Whose kids are those who appeared in the last episode o_O?

Look at Jensu's version of Koizora.


Okay okay back to Bangkok.

I love their subways! Its very very super duper clean, cheap and efficient unlike the ones we have in Malaysia *roll ma fcking eyes* Why didn't the government build a LRT station around KK area?? -__- So inconveninent to drive here and there wtf mailto:&WE$@%5E@$@#&%&@#$@^ I lost the mood to blog -___- I am so confused, so frustrated soo grrrrrrrr ^@^%@#$.


Loves, V.

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