06 November 2008

After So Long

I am so so so in love with Judy Zhou - You Are Not Alone! The minute I heard the song, I felt as though I'm in love wtf. No, I'm not kidding. I am hearing still hearing it after hours and I am not sick of it yet. As a Taiwanese, I think he did a great great job at his pronounciation *two thumbs up* How often can you get to hear a Taiwanese singing such accurate english man!

Most importantly, he have good looks too *big wet eyes*


I have a rather productive day heh :)

Peiwuon came over around 5pm then we looked through some blogs. After so many times of ffk-ing, Peiwuon finally made it today wtf bitch. I just had a long convo with her on the phone last night haha. Walked over to the lake to pass my Econs correction to Derrick. Omg thankiu so so much! You really saved my marks from dying!

Stayed a little while at the playground. I miss the swings and sea-saw so so much! Managed to play it with GP too muahaha. He looks rather terrified hoho. Peiwuon looked really kiddy when she's on the swing haha.

I recorded videos too. I know the voices are rather annoying wtf and I look like some giant but fuck it la. I don't give a damn already zz. To watch or not to, its up to you.

GP on the sea-saw :)

Peiwuon on the swing hoho. She's gonna freaking kill me if she sees this.

Its cSeong's convocation tomorrow and I'm so looking forward to it! A little nervous ;P Can't wait to play around with Mark's DSLR muahahaha. But I've got another headache :( I don't know what to wear grrr. Formal? Semi-formal? -___-

Loves, V.

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