30 November 2008



I didn't realize its 540am already wtf and I'm still on the mic with Mr Joker *sticks tongue out* Haven't been doing this for quite sometime and it feels kinda weird staying till this late doing nothing. I cannot imagine myself, waking up looking like a zombie tomorrow morning oh god! Have I mention about the amount of pimples on my face already? :(

MICKY PARK YOOCHUN IS FUCKING HOT CAN BURN MYSELF DOT COM!! I admit I've never like any of them, DBSK but not until I met this brown hair dude from Starking wtf. His smile is to die for man exactly like CC's wtf *blush* I once thought that DBSK is quite gay wtf especially Hero HAHAHA. He still looks gay to me though ;P.

Can you feel the love wtf?

Now, the maid is awake and I'm still not sleeping O_O

Loves, V.

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