13 November 2008


Hello, this is the 200th post already! Gee, I didn't knew I have been writing this much. Still looking forward to the next hundreds ;)

On the sad note, I didn't get to bid my farewell to the Lame King *double sighs* I wish I were in school earlier this morning. I really miss his lameness around; the class would not be that lively anymore. Good luck in chasing your dreams hahahaha. STOP SLEEPING!

WilberP broke his leg again wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf. The moment I saw his news in telly, my heartbeat went up to 10x faster wtf. He did his usual stunt which is to jump up with the help of the other dancers but he didn't land properly. A stunt that he had been doing for more than hundred times *sigh* Maybe its the cause of the medicine that he took earlier. Stupid flu grr.

He is not worried at all; very optimistic. "Break leg only what. If serious, then go on a surgery again lor.." said Wilber. I translated it from mandarin haha wtf. His really professional and he take his jobs really seriously. Even in such condition, he still insist to go on working instead of staying at home and rest. Why so degil wtf!

Get well soon :(

Loves, V.

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