30 November 2008

Free Loop

I downloaded Made of Honor like months ago but didn't had the mood to watch until today. The movie was okay better than I expected. A very sweet movie worth watching with your loved ones.


I AM OBVIOUSLY THE BEST AND SMARTEST SISTER EVER WTF. Okay so you see, I was on my way to do my business wtf and cSeong called me up to his room. He was rushing out and he wants me to finish up his report for him wtf.. The job was easy so I agreed to help him out since he'd never say no when it comes to fetching me. But.. WHO KNEW HIS MICROSOFT EXCEL WOULD DIE JUST WHEN I FINISHED ATTACHING THE FILE TO THE MAIL AND AT THE SAME TIME THE EXCEL JUST OFF LIKE THAT.

Thank God my brain is working extra fast today. I sent another copy to my mail woohoo. The mail could be opened! MUAHAHA I DONT HAVE TO TYPE ANOTHER REPORT. See thats why we don't need a laptop, waste of money. I have a strong feeling my brother went clubbing, leaving his work to his beloved sister wtf. So you tell me, how can I not be the best sister ever HAR? You better agree with me wtf.

Anyway, I'll end the post with Wilber's pictures :) Imma watch Pi Li MIT now.

About to land and break his leg wtf.



Poor husband :(

Shweetest dreams. Nights.

Loves, V.



I didn't realize its 540am already wtf and I'm still on the mic with Mr Joker *sticks tongue out* Haven't been doing this for quite sometime and it feels kinda weird staying till this late doing nothing. I cannot imagine myself, waking up looking like a zombie tomorrow morning oh god! Have I mention about the amount of pimples on my face already? :(

MICKY PARK YOOCHUN IS FUCKING HOT CAN BURN MYSELF DOT COM!! I admit I've never like any of them, DBSK but not until I met this brown hair dude from Starking wtf. His smile is to die for man exactly like CC's wtf *blush* I once thought that DBSK is quite gay wtf especially Hero HAHAHA. He still looks gay to me though ;P.

Can you feel the love wtf?

Now, the maid is awake and I'm still not sleeping O_O

Loves, V.

28 November 2008


My friends think that I should change my name to DelayQueen instead wtf. Just because I haven't had the guts to pierce ma fcking ears.. I know I've always promise to do it but but I can't *big wet eyes* Don't look at me like that! I really don't like going through pain and Peiwuon, it kinda hurts when you poked my ears so I cannot imagine the pain if its worse than that.

I had great fun yesterday! I really miss Derrick after a year of not seeing him. Before meeting up with him, I was quite worried if we would look at each other awkwardly or not but everything turns out better than I expected. So anyway, we watched Twilight but my muthafcking bleeding love wouldn't give me a break. It hurts so fucking badly bahhh *roll ma fcking eyes* I'm sorry for the moodyness yesterday :(, today, the following days -__-

Read Derrick's blog for more detailed info. I don't quite remember what I did also lol.

Twilight wasn't that good. The bunch of monkeys sitting in front of me is fucking fucking rude magechaohai. & they don't quite get the message of "TSK!" and "YORRR!" wtf wtf I did that quite loud lor! wtf as if their dad owns the fucking cinema. Well even if they do, I fucking paid to watch a movie not to hear their monkey noises. Whoever Calvin and Sean is *roll eyes* They shouted each other names -.- Edward Cullen is not hot like I said before and Bella is not pretty either -__-

7/10. More than enuff.

Q: Why did the girls shouted when they saw Edward Cullen?
A: Bcause his not hot at all wtf.

This is my beloved Daidailou :)

Derrick & Busuk.

This is TMOF the kiss scene happened in Epi 11 if I'm not mistaken wtf.

Some leftover pictures on Tuesday.


I'm sorry for not arranging the pictures. Whatever it is.

Loves, V.

Nothing To Be Said

Time and time again, I always tell myself that I need to be there for you. Even after hearing negative comments about you, I still choose to trust you. You've always been that special someone who owns a certain place in my heart but did you actually realize what you've done to it? You fucking crushed it to pieces.

Look at yourself now. I see you have not much difference compared to the other girl that you despise and dislike. I don't know what had happened to us and I don't wish to know. I am very disappointed and feddup over your words already. I can't get over what you did a couple of months ago and neither can I get over what you fucking said to me.

It doesn't seem much like a problem to you but words like that coming out from your mouth, fucking hurts me inside out. I don't think I know who you are anymore. I no longer have trust and faith in you anymore.

On the other hand, I'm sorry to interfere your life which I'm not gonna do anymore. Now you can mess up your life like you wish to. I am not gonna bother and care about anything you're gonna do alright.

I think the ship is fucking sinking.

26 November 2008



I will blog after tomorrow ok! Busuk is here and its kinda distracting. I don't know what to blog at all wtf. Am watching Twilight and meeting Daidailou tomorrow! HOHOHOHO.


Loves, V.

25 November 2008


iLove :)

Loves, V.

24 November 2008

Nobody, Nobody but X

Hello world! :)

Very very boring day indeed. Busuk came over last night. Did our usual pillow talk and disturbed some dude that is after her hahaha. WTF TO THE MAX MAN! I've never never came across sucha childish guy in my entire life. The worst thing is his a freaking 21 years old dude *smacks forehead* The things he say, the way he talks, the words he use.. karawalehhhh!

Speaking of immature guys, I miss the monkeys in my class so much! I miss Princess Yuric dragging his chair over and start his usual nonsense. I miss Yapliang's mean insults wtf. I miss Ian's smellyness hahaha. I miss Wenjie's laughter. I miss Hendrich's lameness. I miss Wairen's trademark smile. I miss argueing with Desmond. I miss James trying to show his machoness. I miss Keanwei and Derrick's gayness ;P

One more month till we meet each other *sigh* I wish school starts earlier but not because I am excited to study wtf. I have yet to buy my books. It's gonna be my last year and hopefully I don't fuck it up nicely :( Especially after the whole guiltyness for spending so much in Bangkok geez. I wanna do better in exams next year *keeping fingers crossed* I'M VERY SERIOUS WTF.

Am gonna eat my long awaiting black pepper lamb chop tomorrow hoho. Till then ;)

Fyi, I'm a Hokkien who dislikes Bak Kut Teh wtf. I eat but I only eat it when I don't have a choice lol. But I think I should start loving it since ....

Wilber loves it. Anything for you HAHAHAHAAH.

Loves, V.

23 November 2008

Ai no Uta

Rating: Unlimited number of ♥s!

I am officially in love with Koizora! So sad to say that the drama has finally come to an end (my end) *cry like a baby wtf* Despite having such bad ending, I still love the show so so so much! Why did Hiro died! Why didn't Mika successfully jumped into the river and die together! Oh yeah I don't quite get the ending. Whose kids are those who appeared in the last episode o_O?

Look at Jensu's version of Koizora.


Okay okay back to Bangkok.

I love their subways! Its very very super duper clean, cheap and efficient unlike the ones we have in Malaysia *roll ma fcking eyes* Why didn't the government build a LRT station around KK area?? -__- So inconveninent to drive here and there wtf mailto:&WE$@%5E@$@#&%&@#$@^ I lost the mood to blog -___- I am so confused, so frustrated soo grrrrrrrr ^@^%@#$.


Loves, V.

Happy 20th, Joker! ♥

The only thing that resembles you ;P

Happy 20th Birthday Bendan! 祝你永远都那么笨!:D

With Love, V.

22 November 2008



I'm never a fan of Japanese dramas. I don't know why I dislike it either but yala I don't like it wtf. I was reading through Michy's blog yesterday night and she mentioned about the drama above so decided to watch it since I've got nothing to do. A 6 episodes drama - I likee! SHORT AND NO LOHSOH MOMENTS ;D.

Oh myyyyyyy! THIS DRAMA IS FUCKING GOOD MAN! I cried at the 1st episode itself. I am a big fan of romance drama especially if its about highschool/college romance. Now, I think 6 episode would be too short wtf. I am only at the mid of episode 2 but the drama is so so so nice grrr. Good girls like bad boys. This is so true tsk tsk tsk. Go watch it! Its really good I SWEAR!



Loves, V.

21 November 2008

Floating Market

My head doesn't feels good at all :( OH THE HORROR MANNNN. I need to get back all my beauty sleep zz. Mummykins thought I didn't clear off my eyeliners properly because... I HAVE EYES LIKE PANDAS NOW WTF WTF.

I went to the floating market to do Bangkok Dangerous II! Okay la, I kidd not funny -__-

Day 2, we sat like an hour plus car ride from our hotel to some kampung looking place to take a look at the floating market. If you've watched Bangkok Dangerous, one of the scene took place there so yeaaah. The water is SUPER DIRTY and almost every stall/sampan sells the same thing. Oh and and, most importantly everything is very expensive wtf. I wanted to take the boat with Jane, Uncle Soon and Paps but ended up with Mummykins, Aunty Irene and Uncle Soh.

GG. I went to the wrong boat okay. These 2 ahsohs cannot stop buying stuff grr and it was fucking sunny and hot. 上错船 :(

I just finished watching Miss No Good epi 12. Cried really badly throughout the show wtf no wonder I'm as emo as nemo now *sigh* I felt damn pek chek when I saw WilberP and Rainie kissed SO PASSIONATELY in the drama grrr. Had to self comfort myself that its just a bloody drama. But i swear man, they kissed like their so truly madly deeply in love with each other *cries in pain*





Jeng jeng jeng, presenting new Taiwan drama series! Go wiki yourself for more information. Kindly click on the name of the drama :)

我的億萬麵包/Love or Bread.

Rate: 8.5/10.

OMG LA LINGERIE! I've always wanted to watch this movie since long long time but because I was having my exams so I missed the chance to watch grr. Look at those pretty girls! So pretty can die dot com!! *drools* Alright their one of the reasons to make me so eager to watch it haha. You get to see pretty pretty bras too! Omg how can any girls/ladies/women/pohpoh not love bras!

No worries, I can pronounce the word LINGERIE properly already ok wtf. Oh and, I might be posting up my recordings hahahahahahhahahahahah. I have no guts to do that la :( I wish it wouldn't cause the analytics to drop and hopefully people won't bomb my tagboard. Will think about it again ;P

Loves, V.

20 November 2008

Back In Action

Guess whose back?
Back again!
Vivian's back,
Tell a friend,
Guess whose back, guess whose back, guess whose back, guess whose back,
guess whose back, guess whose back, guess whose back.. ;) No, I'm not a fan of Eminem at all.

Yes, Vivian is back! *sreams wtf wtf*

THANKIU HUMONGOUS KOK FOR BLOGGING FOR ME HOHO. No, my analytics didn't pump up like you said also wtf instead it dropped by 20 hahaha. Anyway, thankiuu ahnSohee ;P

Bangkok was great. The food, the people (not the ones from the Immigration), the shopping, the massage... ah, almost everything! I got the eyeliners that I wanted also hoho. I know like from all places I can get but I chose to get it from Bangkok. Hello, my bank which is my Paps came along ok so obviously must spend as much as I can what wtf. Plus, Malaysia sold it at a cheaper price -__- I feel so so smart wtf.

I'm starting to miss the tomyam already. I had tomyam like everyday when I was there! Its so so good *drools* The massage is something that you cannot miss. I've never tried being massage so it was my first time. I had a foot massage on the first day. It tickles wtf and I kept on laughing when they massage my thighs haha. The following days I had Thai massage. It hurts to be honest lol. It huts like mad ok wtf! The lady was really small in size prolly I am twice or thrice of her size -___- but she got a really good strength. She can even lift me up WTF WTF.

Am not planning to post much of the Bangkok photos cause... too pale looking and tooo fat :( I gained back what I lost *sigh* So its better not to make anyone of you puke.

I'm dying of boredom at home. Any plans, anyone!

Loves, V.

15 November 2008

Back in 4 Days

Hello everyone!

I'll be leaving to Bangkok tomorrow morning at 7am *flashes big big big big big big smile* God you don't know how much I've always wanted to go Bangkok! Now that I can finally go, its shopping time hoho >:)

I have so many tags to be done. I wanted to schedule each tag a day when I'm in Bangkok but its a little too late already since I gotta do my packing like now and I've to wake up at freaking 4am tomorrow geeez *roll ma fcking eyes* I cannot imagine my analytics diminish like dono what wtf wtf. Hopefully can gain em back after Bangkok! :(

I'll be back on Wednesday night hoho. So its bye for now! Take good care of yourself peoples. I know this is difficult but... try not to miss me hohoho.

You know you love me. xoxo,

Vivian T.


In Loving Memories of 黎礎寧, Ivy

If anyone of you have been watching One Million Star 超級星光大道 Season 3 whether from the telly or download, you must have seen this girl before.

A real real good singer. I had always love her voice but..

Why did she have to commit suicide!

May she rest in peace.

(16/10/1984 - 12/11/2008)

Loves, V.