06 October 2008


Shit shit shit, Sengster got me so hooked up on Wonder Girls wtf which from the very beginning, I'd never agree with him that their muthafcking pretty like what he says especially his AhnSoHee. But now, okay la not bad hahaha ;P

School was great after a week of not meeting with the usual ones :) No doubt, they were people talking bout how Jiin passed away and they were also some of them, trying to figure out how he crashed. So twas' quite difficult to not talk or think about him. I think this is gonna last for quite sometime.

9 more days till Finals wtf. The worst thing is the subjects are all mixed up. We don't have the usual one subject per day anymoreeeeeeeee wtf wtf wtf. This is easier for the teachers so they can finish marking their papers bla bla bla, what about the students dei?

I have no idea on how to start studying. Everything is in a mess.

Oh, my blog is in a mess too. Nothing interesting therefore the boring post.

Loves, V.

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