28 October 2008

The the the the?

I think I'm gonna vomit blood watching Miss No Good lol. I should love the drama because my super duper hot hubby Wilber Pan is acting in it but wtf, I seriously cannot tahan Rainie Yang's irritating voice in the drama. Don't misunderstand, I like her ok its just that she had to like fake a voice in the drama and her voice is damn fucking irritating zz -___-

Dean Fujioka cannot speak proper mandarin which makes me lost patience on the bloody drama. His anger scene looks like a funny scene to me lol. He look serious but his acting is so dotdotdot till I cannot bare to laugh hahaha. Yanxi is the worst of all I guess. She's supposed to act like a bitch in the drama but wtf her look really cannot make it. Act elegant but not elegant. Innocent but not innocent. Bitchy but not bitchy.

Anyway last week's episode, Wilber Pan got punched by Dean Fujioka LOL. I actually really laugh because Dean Fujioka looks really really funny hahaha. They don't look like their fighting though more like dancing cha-cha together zz.

Dean: "Take that!"


Wilber: "M*chao*ai!!"

Wilber: *punched Dean*

Then, they did the cha-cha -____-

No doubt, Wilber Pan looks so fucking hot when he gets angry! So man can die dot com. Especially when he bleeds omg omg omg omg that look is sooooooo killer look wtf. Alright, I don't know what am I trying to say. Mind me.

Its school again tomorrow but the gov school gets another day off >:( Why is there such thing! SO UNFAIR WEI. &, they made the arrangements so damn potong. After a 4 days break, we students havta sit for another 2 days exam. Nothing better to do -__-

Commerce 1, 2 and Maths 2 - kiss my marks goodbye. I just wanna finish all my papers asap! This is taking such a long time. Why do they even wanna drag the time wtf. Am so excited for Bangkok wooohoooo. I wish my Paps prints cash :(

Happy studying Vivian.


Loves, V.

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