02 October 2008


I am so sorry that I haven't been hardworking. But hey, who would be that freee to blog and to entertain her friends at the same time right? I gotta let Si Busuk to play the computer as well since Fats is so in love with his laptop wtf. Soo, I'm excused heh.

Lets see what had happened to me recently.

The familia decided to have a lil bbq party last night and turns out perfectly great! Thank God, it did not rain after the strong strong wind. Glad that everything went well and everyone seems to click well. Sadly, I do not have a camera with me pfft. cWey borrowed ours to one of his friends and he/she have not return back yet wtf.

Had to use my very low quality phone camera. We did not take much pix dowh. By the way, thanks Jenn! Uhmm... about the camera but I thought it would take me a long time to return it to you so better not. Gomaoh ;)



Long lost friend.

Smelly and Venice.

As for today, Sengster came over to KK for dinner. 3 stops - Secret Recipe, NTS and McDees. We played some games and had a great laugh over it haha. Stupid asswipe never fails to make anyone of us crack. And now, I'm off to watch Disaster Movie with Smelly and Fats. Never my type of movie but since bloody Fats didn't wanna buy Money Not Enough 2 so gotta watch this.

I'm sorry! ;D. Took photos awhile ago.

The reason why his face is big because he had to snap the pix. I know it scares you because it scares me too haha. Shweetest dreams.

Loves, V.

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