21 October 2008


Need I say more? My accounts paper is going down the drain hoho. But one thing, I felt really proud of myself because I was doing the whole bloody 4 question until the very last minute where teacher stood in front of me, waiting to collect my paper. The answers may not be correct and incomplete but I have no regrets at all :)

I want to have a proper sleep. I need my weekends so badly now. I mistaken today as Wednesday and nearly got screwed by fatty Yuric grrrr. Well uhm, we all know his intention. I think one stroke doesn't hurt at all right, macho ;P

The most of us finished History 1 within half an hour. I had another half an hour to sleep but Yuric's jacket have this smell, not smelly but not a nice smell either. It was quite disturbing la and I was so afraid that I would drool on his jacket HAHAHAHAHA. His gonna kill me mann..

Science tomorrow. I don't know whether to feel happy or not. Alright, study time. I don't wanna wake up at 3am to study shits again. Waste of sleeping time ughhhhh.

Loves, V.

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