15 October 2008


I'm not supposed to be online now but heck, I can't stop myself at all wtf. I tried stopping myself but you know since Peiwuon was busy finding her Hyun Bin's pix, so I thought why not just update my blog haha.

I have absolutely no comment on my BM papers. It was fuhreaaaking tough! I reached a point where I nearly gave up doing it when I couldn't get translate my english points to BM. Gaahh, handed in 3 whole papers back and front in. I pray for at least marks for sympathy ;(

Tuition. As usual, very unproductive. Had always enjoyed Mod Maths tuition cause he would start cracking really STUPID jokes that would get us all laughing like mad. But the only bad thing is that I can't laugh like how I really laugh and it doesn't feel good. I like laughing with my mouth widely open and laugh with a really loud voice. But in tuition, I have to cover my mouth and laugh softly wtf -__-

Alright, enough of break. I think no one would ever believe that I would MIA from the blogosphere for 3 weeks.

I better get going. 33 moral definition? _l_

Loves, V.

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