27 October 2008

My Eyes Don't Lie

I don't wanna emo also cannot wtf. Being emo is so frustrated can die dot com. Girls girls, tsk tsk tsk *shakes head* We will never understand what guy wants and guys will never understand what we wants. I'm not referring to *cough* s...e........x *cough*

Hoho, I am so looking forward to the 7th next month! #1, my blur brother is finally graduating! I have always wanted to attend a convocation but.. he didn't apply an entry for me wtf. So even if I go there, I would havta stand outside the hall until everything ends wtf. His like the only person in our family that is able to graduate haha. So yeah, my parents put quite high hopes on him especially my Paps whose still living in the 80's era.

#2, my beloved Goh Hsien Min is bringing me out muahahaha omg so happy can die dot com. I really gotta thank her for this big big favour. I need to get presents for the November big babies wtf. Where to dig money now, where to where to. Am still trying to convince Mummykins to pass me my angpau money but wtf anything given to her is damn hard to get back sheesh grr.

I have to attend my far far away cousin brother on the 8th next month whom I don't even know his name. I doubt I've seen him before lol. So okay, I am quite a fan of wedding dinners but this is like what? JB? Kai wan xiao? One bloody day disturbed all my plans grrrr. Why do I have a relative who lives all the way in JB *big sigh*

This is so random but I really love Kim Kadarshian. SO PRETTY CAN DIE MANNNN! I wanna watch Keeping Up with the Kadarshians so so badly. Why do we have sucha an outdated E! in Malaysia -___- WHY DO I COMPLAIN SO MUCHHHHHHHHHH ~

Where is everyone?

I am sorry beb. I don't know I pressure you this much but I really want the best for you. If you think you can divide your time wisely, then go ahead. Love you too ;)

Loves, V.

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