31 October 2008

Hello Fun!


I am so happy.

#1, I got my dress from Luxe Avenue this afternoon! So efficient ok wtf. I ordered it yesterday and I got it today itself. PLUS, the price is pretty reasonable and the dress is beautiful! e-Shopping is killer. It's so addictive man. Maybe you should go take a look too! Click on "Luxe Avenue" for the link :)

#2, my finals is over duh! Maths paper 2 was really tough no doubt. The moment we got the paper, Kyearn and I stared at each other, holding our laughters haha. & the paper was bloody long wtf - 2 1/2 hours! Give my ass a break man.

#3, I love how my hotmail looks like now. Its so pink and Tahoma! Right, you'll never get it.

Happy but pissed at the same time, ughhhhhhh.

I have to put every plans on hold just because of a bloody wedding. I wanna paintball so badly but the dates set were on the same day as the wedding wtf. I wanna rob my dad and go shopping. I wanna go out with Mumzie but she NEVER likes shopping *smacks forehead* Why not she just give me some cash and I do the shopping myself right!! GRRRRRRR.

Today iz sinful dot com. I had waffles after school and that malay lady attitude is like 要死不死 wtf. I stood in front of her for probably like 5 mins before the other guy ordered but she didn't ask me what I want wtf. When I gave her my order, she couldn't hear or she ignored -__- I repeated myself clearly for 3 to 5 times ok! I ordered peanut butter and kaya. She ticked on the peanut butter and kaya box but you know what she gave me?? CHOCOLATE & PEANUT BUTTER!! Lesson learnt: NEVER EVER buy anything from there grr.

I think my brothers only realize the existence of me this year wtf haha. They actually bought stuffs for me!??! Its something rare to happen ok. You can never expect my brother to even buy me something. cWey sponsored for the baju up there and cSeong sponsored for these pair of gladiator!!

I'm so lazy. Nights!

Loves, V.

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