30 October 2008


Okay this is gonna be the happiest news ever! Right after the clock strikes 1250pm tomorrow, I will be officially done with my Finals! WHAT CAN BE HAPPIER THAN THIS MAN?? The day that I've always been looking forward to have finally came. Though its sad at the same time that I would have to bid goodbye to Form 4 very soon but Form 5 wouldn't be that bad right? RIGHT?? *bummed*

The other happier news is that I am also done with my tuition hoho!!!! So see you next year, Asas Teguh! Omg the happiness in me is so undescribable. I feel like I just graduated from highschool which I'm still one year away from it haha. To be honest, I am so looking forward to the day where you go around shopping malls with your friend just to find the perfect baju for Graduation Night lol.

Peiwuon suggested paintball after exams. Absofuckinglutely great idea! I was very much excited when she described how much fun she had when she was in Thailand. I wanna shoot birds too >:)

I'mma hunt for food now. Wish me lucks for tomorrow's paper okayyy! <3

Loves, V.

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