03 October 2008


Hello all.

My monitor is back in action hehehe *does the ar neh neh pose* But that didn't stop me from going online cause my super dooper generous brother offered me his lappie. Tsk tsk, where do you find brothers like that? I hope his reading this haha.

Life is so so bored without school. Schools starting in another 2 days *big grumpy + sad face* Next week is gonna be serious week, I square I square okehh. I have to do my latest studying by next week or not I won't have enough time for those shits anymore. Also, I have to continously brainwash myself just so I won't give up easily. "2 weeks and you're done, Vivian. Hold on T__T,"

Miss Khoo is going Taiwan tomorrow wtf. Please tapao me with you.

I miss all my smelly tofu moments with my cousin brother + his wife. I wanna watch stupid Taiwan entertaiment programme and disturb Mummykins in the middle of the night hehe. I wanna disturb Patrick and Derrick wtf wtf. I wanna go shopping at Xi Men Ding again. I want that popiah skin wrapped with ice cream and peanut *yums*

I wanna speak my Taiwan accent again and pretend like I'm one of them except fashions sense totally x boleh pakai wtf haha. I wanna finally wear that long long socks there because I can't wear it in Malaysia or not I'll be called a lala wtf *roll eyes* What is not lala then? Wearing a spaghetti top and short denim pants out is very cool la? Very sexy meh? -__-

I wanna go Taiwan again! But sadly, Mummykins thinks Taiwan is a very very boring place ish ish grr. Fret' not cause I'm going Bangkok this November! HEHEHEHEHEHE. So happy can die dot com.

*sad face*

I just realised I haven't watch my drama. Gotta bounce.

Loves, V.

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