05 October 2008


I missed the night but its okay cause I'm not in the mood to write anything bout the day.

When I was in the car in the evening, I stared blankly at the clouds. All I could ever picture of is BJ's face with his usual smile. I, a not so close friend couldn't believe that you're gone. What more your buddies, friends and your beloved family?

This is so unfair for him but God have his own reasons I supposed.

To all drivers, please drive carefully. Speeding is not something cool neither fun. And, appreciate someone before their gone. What will happen tomorrow? You will never know.

It left me wonder if I'll die tomorrow.

Loves, V.

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Charlene @ 雪琳 said...

Typical Malaysian style!!! They won't change until something really happen to them!!! I'm feel sorry for you~ May he (BJ) rest in peace~~~