12 October 2008


I hate weekends. I truly hate it from the bottom of my heart but this only happens when I have no programme. And whenever I'm out, I have problems making up my mind whether to spend money or not to *sigh* Now, I wanna go out so badly!

Yesteday was worse. I slept in the bro's room. cSeong and I slept at the same time after watching some stupid movie and it was about 1. The next day, cSeong woke up at 11 and I woke up at 1 omg omg omg. 3 hours after I woke up, I went back to my room and have a sniff on my smelly pillow hhahahah wtf then I fell asleep again -__-

I only woke up when I heard Mummykins yelling my name. I quickly got off the bed and act as though I was using the phone but my blur face tells it all. She was shocked when she saw me sleeping again ahahha. Did you know that sleeping too much can cause you headache? Well, I was.

Lonely dinner again tonight. Boooooooo :(


This is an edit. I just had a chat with Mingyu. It really hits me when I finally realised how much I misses the good times we had. Haven't been seeing him lately but we shall meet up Mr Chan wtf. I have your black and white ok hahaha. I miss you so much kor :(

I acted too :)

Loves, V.

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