02 October 2008


Hello! I can finally blog with peace. It feels a little awkward to blog in front of the both of them. Seriously, its damn stress lor as if a invigilator is looking and checking wtf. Now that they're gone, I can finally sit down and write a proper post :)

Busuk left at 10 this morning. A sudden change in the atmosphere of course. I can no longer consider myself "faster" and smarter. The initial plan was to have fun in Sg. Gabai at Hulu Langat with Aunty Elaine & fam. I was really tired and sleepy when Mummykins and Paps asked this morning. Plan cancelled so stayed at home instead.

Took this from the net and this is how it exactly looks like.

Tried waking Fats up but he couldn't even be bothered wtf wtf. He tried ignoring me also ok! Like so wtf ish gave up and catch up my way behind drama series on telly, Last One Standing. I didn't like the first few episodes at all. Ah Hei looks really scary and chi sin in the drama. But no! Stupid Ah Yin is the crazy and bad one!

Ah Hei's mother pissed me off so badly. She is probably the stupidiest and brainless person I've ever seen man sheeeeeesh grrrrr -____- How can she trust his nephew more than the son just because the son had been in jail huh?!?! WHERE GOT SUCH MOTHER ONE! Okay prolly you're sick of me talking bout dramas already ;P


Fats bought Disaster Movie during dinner yesterday. We watched it at night and zomfgwtfbbq I have never been a fan of stupid movies like that. The movie is so rojak ok! No meaning, no point and most importantly, its not even funny. I don't know how to even fake a laugh wtf. Suddenly, there's fake Amy Winehouse. Then, Kim Kadarshian which I think its a total waste if she acts in movies like that. She should've just put that extra effort in Keeping Up With The Kadarshians S3. I love the Kadarshians! ;)

And the one and only star is for Kim because she acted lol.

Mummykins seems to be okay with friends fetching me out lately. Which is a very big good news for me so I don't need to tell any lies anymore. I am not a regular liar also ok! I am not a good liar also because she'll find out a day later wtf -__-

I can finally have a nice long beauty sleep tonight! Before I go, I discovered a new hottie wtf wtf. Someone hotter than Sengster hahaha.

Jerry Yan.

VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY HOT WTF but its not like I want him also haha. I quietly whispered "Jerry is so hot!" the other day then Wilber looked at me, looking really afraid but giggling at the same time. His afraid that I'll leave him. How silly? Why would I leave you for Jerry? Jerry is Beetch's haha.

My husband is so cute wtf. Damn ke ai please. I couldn't bare to see him like that so I decided to pujuk him haha. I tried many many ways but it seems that the only way is to do stupid faces hahaha. His the only person who never gets sick of my face HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

He beh tahan everytime I make faces like that. He thinks I'm lame wtf but ok la anything for you hahaahahahahah. Anything to gain back your smile hehe wtf.


Loves, V.

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