26 October 2008


This is so torturous.

I wish you would just tell me what is on your mind. I wanna know how you feel. I am really tired of guessing and to add on that, I think its rather annoying to keep talking to you *control control* like who wouldn't feel annoyed talking and texting 24/7. Everyone needs a break. I want my break too! I wish I have the courage to ask and tell you everything. Everything..

I really wanna thank Peiwuon for the day out. I'm sorry if I disturbed your studies. Thank you for accompanying me love!

I felt much much better after yesterday. The bleeding love did not kacau my mood. I finally got my gladiator sandals and I must thank Mrs Kim for telling me that they have it in Pyramid! I got to watch The House Bunny. I thought twas' too late but they still have it on screen! So happy can die dot com. Peiwuon enjoyed the show more than I do haha. She laughed throughout the whole movie wtf.

Shopped a lil and met up with Mr Joker. How can I ever forget you? ;P Peiwuon left after we meet up with Mr Joker. Okay I have to admit that I'm really really panic and was practically shivering when I saw him wtf. We watched Bangkok Dangerous. Not my type of movie but it was okay I guess.

Left Pyramid. When we were on the way there, we actually had a minor accident LOL. I nearly died wtf. A little exaggerating haha. We wanted to turn to the right and that white car wanted to turn to the left. & the both of us made last minute turning then.......... kissed. I was in shocked lol. I think I would need to think twice before I sit his car again hahaahaha, I kid ;P

Taipan for dinner. The both of us couldn't make up our mind so we ended up at Old Taste. BREAD FOR DINNER OMG WTF HAHHAAHHA. Okay I didn't have any appetite so he was the one who actually wanted to eat lol. Then he dropped me home and I'm safe!

9/10 :)


I shall watch my dramas. Taaaaaa.

Loves, V.

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