31 October 2008

Hello Fun!


I am so happy.

#1, I got my dress from Luxe Avenue this afternoon! So efficient ok wtf. I ordered it yesterday and I got it today itself. PLUS, the price is pretty reasonable and the dress is beautiful! e-Shopping is killer. It's so addictive man. Maybe you should go take a look too! Click on "Luxe Avenue" for the link :)

#2, my finals is over duh! Maths paper 2 was really tough no doubt. The moment we got the paper, Kyearn and I stared at each other, holding our laughters haha. & the paper was bloody long wtf - 2 1/2 hours! Give my ass a break man.

#3, I love how my hotmail looks like now. Its so pink and Tahoma! Right, you'll never get it.

Happy but pissed at the same time, ughhhhhhh.

I have to put every plans on hold just because of a bloody wedding. I wanna paintball so badly but the dates set were on the same day as the wedding wtf. I wanna rob my dad and go shopping. I wanna go out with Mumzie but she NEVER likes shopping *smacks forehead* Why not she just give me some cash and I do the shopping myself right!! GRRRRRRR.

Today iz sinful dot com. I had waffles after school and that malay lady attitude is like 要死不死 wtf. I stood in front of her for probably like 5 mins before the other guy ordered but she didn't ask me what I want wtf. When I gave her my order, she couldn't hear or she ignored -__- I repeated myself clearly for 3 to 5 times ok! I ordered peanut butter and kaya. She ticked on the peanut butter and kaya box but you know what she gave me?? CHOCOLATE & PEANUT BUTTER!! Lesson learnt: NEVER EVER buy anything from there grr.

I think my brothers only realize the existence of me this year wtf haha. They actually bought stuffs for me!??! Its something rare to happen ok. You can never expect my brother to even buy me something. cWey sponsored for the baju up there and cSeong sponsored for these pair of gladiator!!

I'm so lazy. Nights!

Loves, V.

30 October 2008


Okay this is gonna be the happiest news ever! Right after the clock strikes 1250pm tomorrow, I will be officially done with my Finals! WHAT CAN BE HAPPIER THAN THIS MAN?? The day that I've always been looking forward to have finally came. Though its sad at the same time that I would have to bid goodbye to Form 4 very soon but Form 5 wouldn't be that bad right? RIGHT?? *bummed*

The other happier news is that I am also done with my tuition hoho!!!! So see you next year, Asas Teguh! Omg the happiness in me is so undescribable. I feel like I just graduated from highschool which I'm still one year away from it haha. To be honest, I am so looking forward to the day where you go around shopping malls with your friend just to find the perfect baju for Graduation Night lol.

Peiwuon suggested paintball after exams. Absofuckinglutely great idea! I was very much excited when she described how much fun she had when she was in Thailand. I wanna shoot birds too >:)

I'mma hunt for food now. Wish me lucks for tomorrow's paper okayyy! <3

Loves, V.

29 October 2008


Which idiot would still continue to attend a tuition where she already finished the paper itself?


Which idiot would actually attend a 3 hours an a half tuition when she could have all the time to stay at home to study Commerce?



I'm sure I'm not the only not so smart human who does that. Of course I am not gonna continue to be that not so smart person because I'm not gonna go for + Maths tuition later. If Sengster is reading this, I don't need your explanation anymoree. I think we had enough talks about this 'stupid' and 'not so smart' issue heh :)

I am so regret to go to school today wtf. The class was really really empty although there's only 4 absentees. The initial plan to go to school was to study Commerce but of course plan failed wtf. Oh well, the plan would still fail even if I stayed at home.

I have a good news! I passed my + Maths paper MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! SO HAPPY CAN DIE DOT COM!! I did not have the courage to ask for my marks but I have a bunch of kepoh friends so they would do my job for me haha. I didn't expect to pass at all okayyyy! Pn Zan made it sound so easy to pass the the + Maths SPM paper. I think I would have to reconsider lol. PP talked to me for a sec and he thinks I should continue to attend + Maths classes in school because I'm in the best class HAHAAHHAHA. Dropping it would be sucha waste.


Chaooo for noww.

Loves, V.

28 October 2008

The the the the?

I think I'm gonna vomit blood watching Miss No Good lol. I should love the drama because my super duper hot hubby Wilber Pan is acting in it but wtf, I seriously cannot tahan Rainie Yang's irritating voice in the drama. Don't misunderstand, I like her ok its just that she had to like fake a voice in the drama and her voice is damn fucking irritating zz -___-

Dean Fujioka cannot speak proper mandarin which makes me lost patience on the bloody drama. His anger scene looks like a funny scene to me lol. He look serious but his acting is so dotdotdot till I cannot bare to laugh hahaha. Yanxi is the worst of all I guess. She's supposed to act like a bitch in the drama but wtf her look really cannot make it. Act elegant but not elegant. Innocent but not innocent. Bitchy but not bitchy.

Anyway last week's episode, Wilber Pan got punched by Dean Fujioka LOL. I actually really laugh because Dean Fujioka looks really really funny hahaha. They don't look like their fighting though more like dancing cha-cha together zz.

Dean: "Take that!"


Wilber: "M*chao*ai!!"

Wilber: *punched Dean*

Then, they did the cha-cha -____-

No doubt, Wilber Pan looks so fucking hot when he gets angry! So man can die dot com. Especially when he bleeds omg omg omg omg that look is sooooooo killer look wtf. Alright, I don't know what am I trying to say. Mind me.

Its school again tomorrow but the gov school gets another day off >:( Why is there such thing! SO UNFAIR WEI. &, they made the arrangements so damn potong. After a 4 days break, we students havta sit for another 2 days exam. Nothing better to do -__-

Commerce 1, 2 and Maths 2 - kiss my marks goodbye. I just wanna finish all my papers asap! This is taking such a long time. Why do they even wanna drag the time wtf. Am so excited for Bangkok wooohoooo. I wish my Paps prints cash :(

Happy studying Vivian.


Loves, V.

27 October 2008

My Eyes Don't Lie

I don't wanna emo also cannot wtf. Being emo is so frustrated can die dot com. Girls girls, tsk tsk tsk *shakes head* We will never understand what guy wants and guys will never understand what we wants. I'm not referring to *cough* s...e........x *cough*

Hoho, I am so looking forward to the 7th next month! #1, my blur brother is finally graduating! I have always wanted to attend a convocation but.. he didn't apply an entry for me wtf. So even if I go there, I would havta stand outside the hall until everything ends wtf. His like the only person in our family that is able to graduate haha. So yeah, my parents put quite high hopes on him especially my Paps whose still living in the 80's era.

#2, my beloved Goh Hsien Min is bringing me out muahahaha omg so happy can die dot com. I really gotta thank her for this big big favour. I need to get presents for the November big babies wtf. Where to dig money now, where to where to. Am still trying to convince Mummykins to pass me my angpau money but wtf anything given to her is damn hard to get back sheesh grr.

I have to attend my far far away cousin brother on the 8th next month whom I don't even know his name. I doubt I've seen him before lol. So okay, I am quite a fan of wedding dinners but this is like what? JB? Kai wan xiao? One bloody day disturbed all my plans grrrr. Why do I have a relative who lives all the way in JB *big sigh*

This is so random but I really love Kim Kadarshian. SO PRETTY CAN DIE MANNNN! I wanna watch Keeping Up with the Kadarshians so so badly. Why do we have sucha an outdated E! in Malaysia -___- WHY DO I COMPLAIN SO MUCHHHHHHHHHH ~

Where is everyone?

I am sorry beb. I don't know I pressure you this much but I really want the best for you. If you think you can divide your time wisely, then go ahead. Love you too ;)

Loves, V.

26 October 2008


Will never be your packet of Marlboro.


This is so torturous.

I wish you would just tell me what is on your mind. I wanna know how you feel. I am really tired of guessing and to add on that, I think its rather annoying to keep talking to you *control control* like who wouldn't feel annoyed talking and texting 24/7. Everyone needs a break. I want my break too! I wish I have the courage to ask and tell you everything. Everything..

I really wanna thank Peiwuon for the day out. I'm sorry if I disturbed your studies. Thank you for accompanying me love!

I felt much much better after yesterday. The bleeding love did not kacau my mood. I finally got my gladiator sandals and I must thank Mrs Kim for telling me that they have it in Pyramid! I got to watch The House Bunny. I thought twas' too late but they still have it on screen! So happy can die dot com. Peiwuon enjoyed the show more than I do haha. She laughed throughout the whole movie wtf.

Shopped a lil and met up with Mr Joker. How can I ever forget you? ;P Peiwuon left after we meet up with Mr Joker. Okay I have to admit that I'm really really panic and was practically shivering when I saw him wtf. We watched Bangkok Dangerous. Not my type of movie but it was okay I guess.

Left Pyramid. When we were on the way there, we actually had a minor accident LOL. I nearly died wtf. A little exaggerating haha. We wanted to turn to the right and that white car wanted to turn to the left. & the both of us made last minute turning then.......... kissed. I was in shocked lol. I think I would need to think twice before I sit his car again hahaahaha, I kid ;P

Taipan for dinner. The both of us couldn't make up our mind so we ended up at Old Taste. BREAD FOR DINNER OMG WTF HAHHAAHHA. Okay I didn't have any appetite so he was the one who actually wanted to eat lol. Then he dropped me home and I'm safe!

9/10 :)


I shall watch my dramas. Taaaaaa.

Loves, V.

24 October 2008


I am not happy. How can I ever be? I don't know how to even fake a smile after what have been said. And the best thing is, I don't even know why am I being so frustrated and depressed. It shouldn't matter actually especially to me but why does it hurts this much?? I don't know whats on your mind. I want to know.

Deleted the post before to combine it with this. Oh god, I had the worst day of the week. Its only Friday and I already feel like shit. I did not even feel happy when the big mirror came today. All I ever wish is to erase what had happened today. I wish life would be back to normal tomorrow *fingers crossed*

I had bigger stress when it comes to Maths 1 and + Maths 2 today! GOD DAMN IT. Everyone seems so relax when their doing it except me. Theres only like 10 to 12 questions that I really know how to do okay wtf. I don't know what am I gonna do with my results this time. PP is fucking disappointed with my + Maths result. Oh well, I had never been a fan of numbers. Money is exceptional.

I'm so happy and pissed at the same time. I ate only one meal today which is a really good news even Mummykins was happy but disagree at the same time. Diet is not the word to use. I lost my appetite. I don't go down for break during exam season. I don't take Friday's lunch. In fact, I've always hated it even if its the fish that I normally eat. I'm starting to think it taste weird.

I remember the school served some hokkien mee alike noodles for break. It looks tempting but omfg the minute you put into your mouth, you will vomit everything out. The only thing you can taste is the boric acid, nothing else! Ewww man *pukes*

Started to dig for food when I got home. I didn't wanna take maggie when cSeong offered. No mood for maggie wtf. Durian tasted like rock. Toblerone is not for me. Milo habis. Fernleaf habis. Honey habis. So I called Mummykins and starte to complain and whine when she said she will not be cooking. I ended up sleeping before she came back. And I realise, sleeping can make you feel less hungry! Okay, I should start sleeping the next time I feel hungry.

Am going out tomorrow with Peiwuon. It've been quite sometime since we last went out, just the two of us. I need to watch House Bunny so badly! The queue better not be long tomorrow wtf. I will probably kill myself if I didn't get to watch it.

My eyes is only this big now -.- Shall sleep soon.

Things that keeps me accompany throughout my sleeps ♥

Sleep tight everyone.

Loves, V.

22 October 2008




I felt really terribly sorry :( Learnt my lesson and shall never repeat it again. OR, I will never have that chance anymore lol. I'm really sorry stupid boy T___T Che che sek fan k? ;P

My goodness. You should've seen the faces of the whole class the moment we flipped the first page of paper 2. Everyone stoned and skip shit lots of questions hoho. Stupid periodic table wtf is that wei. She came to class in the morning and she should at least hint us ma right! NO LOR, SHE WAS SITTING DOWN THERE READING HER OWN BOOK. Oh before that, she got so pissed at Yapliang and yeah she used her usual "skill" again.

I felt quite bad for her when she hurt her hand a day before when she wanted to open the door for the guys but Hanlun kicked the door and he didn't notice that she was standing behind the door. The door hit her hand and if I'm not mistaken, she shouted lol.

TSK TSK TSK. I am so disappointed in you wtf.

My Econs teacher lagi best. She was trying to tell us some "exam tips" but ended up the tips she gave was just something normal that ALL OF US expected. I hope she didn't crop everything from the reference books again. God, spare me a life :(

I have been really lazy lol.

So? BYE ;D

Loves, V.

Happy 8teenth Birthday, Mrs Kim!

If today is your birthday, then we should celebrate.
If today is your birthday, then shout hip huray!
La la la, la la la, la la, la la la, WOOOO ~

A birthday song from Playhouse Disney ;)

Happy 18th Birthday, Jennifer Lee Meng Yee!!
Its my habit to mention your full name already hoho.

You are finally legal. It've been so long since I last seen you or even talk to you.
Tagboard doesn't counts lol.

I'm awaiting for the day you bring me go makan DaoRe!

I'm so out of words.
Anyway, have a eppy eppy eppy birthday and have fun!

Loves, V.

21 October 2008


Need I say more? My accounts paper is going down the drain hoho. But one thing, I felt really proud of myself because I was doing the whole bloody 4 question until the very last minute where teacher stood in front of me, waiting to collect my paper. The answers may not be correct and incomplete but I have no regrets at all :)

I want to have a proper sleep. I need my weekends so badly now. I mistaken today as Wednesday and nearly got screwed by fatty Yuric grrrr. Well uhm, we all know his intention. I think one stroke doesn't hurt at all right, macho ;P

The most of us finished History 1 within half an hour. I had another half an hour to sleep but Yuric's jacket have this smell, not smelly but not a nice smell either. It was quite disturbing la and I was so afraid that I would drool on his jacket HAHAHAHAHA. His gonna kill me mann..

Science tomorrow. I don't know whether to feel happy or not. Alright, study time. I don't wanna wake up at 3am to study shits again. Waste of sleeping time ughhhhh.

Loves, V.

20 October 2008


Sorry for the emo post yesterday. I was really really in a bad mood. Fret' not cause happy jolly retarded (Sengster calls me this) Vivian is back hoho ;P Hopefully my emo mode wouldn't turn on itself.

Cried a lil in the end because of A-mi but the overall sucks.

Hoho. I wondered how did I make it through during + Maths 1 today. I flipped through the pages to spot questions that I know how to do and the total of questions that I know how to do is.. jeng jeng jeng *drum rolls* Not more than 10 I think HAHAHAHAHAAH. Nvm, I'm not sad at all cause I'm only aiming for 20 marks for paper 1 and 25 for paper 2. If I include it with coursework marks which is prolly around 18, ta-daaaaaa! I PASSED MY + MATHS!! :) Alright, too early for celebration.

English 1 was pretty much relaxing. It wasn't easy but I did it with a relax mind like how I write my blog posts hoho. But I supposed the amount of spelling and grammatical error I made is uhm.. gg. I chose to write a story based on the title A Surprise and the first thing that came to my mind was Peiwuon's 6teen b'day earlier this year. I went to look for her after school and surprisingly, she wrote the same thing as I did! HAHAHAHA omg so happy can die dot com.

Accounts and History 1 tomorrow. I need to burn my midnight oil tonight! So I'mma sleep at 1015 all the way till 3am! I CANNOT SNOOZE MY ALARM ANYMORE. Stupid boy nearly broke my determination ;( But what to do, I'm strong like that *coughs*

When can I clear this mess?

Shweet dreams! Sleep tight and good luck for Accounts and Sejarah tomorrow *blow kisses*

Loves, V.

19 October 2008


Grrrr I'm so pissed so so so so pissed. I've got no one that I can talk to just in case I don't screw them up. I hate I hate I hate everything.

Can someone just end my life please wtf. I am so suffered. I have + Maths tomorrow which I don't know whether I can survive or not. Please God, please.

Thankiu for reading.


bleeding love wtf.

Pissed off, V.

Happy Shweet 6teen, Zhi!

Happy 6teen B'day, Kam Zhi Yan!

It've been quite sometime since we know each other. Thanks for everything.

I wish for nothing but the best for you hoho. Exam must be your best birthday present ;)
Good luck!

Loves, V.

18 October 2008

The Horror

Started the day with a really bad mood. Yes you're much much more older than me but does that even give you the rights to say something so hurtful? As if it isn't obvious enough so probably you should stop making others feel bad. Didn't you know what you've sad today would prolly lead to a death wtf. What if others can't take it?

The truth hurts. Felt like a knife stabbed through my heart. But I healed really fast ;P Sengster gave me some links on Youtube and those videos were really hilarious. Thankiuuuu macha!

"Come see me eat nipple, eat nipple.."

I got to play with a DSLR! Okayyy it works like every ordinary camera but the photo is definitely much much more beautiful! Mark left his laptop and DSLR when he had to go yumcha with cSeong last night so I had all the time to play with it.

& obviously, I made good use of it. I have a picture of my wardrobe now and some unwanted junks. The quality of the photo is the bomb. It looks so real as if I'm looking at it now haha. I walked around with it and tried hinting Mummykins to get 1 but she was being ignorant wtf. The price of a DSLR is uhm very very pricey. The lens is even expensive wtf. Sengster, you must let me play with it when you get yours! Pretty please? *big wet eyes*

Please excuse the bajus haha. My mirror is still not here yet.

Will be back in grandma's house for aunt's 60th birthday. No time to revise + Maths at all - I haven't been touching my books since yesterday. Everyone seems to be so hardworking but me *sigh* I seriously can't build my determination for anything at all.

Stupid Smellyn didn't tear when she read the post but wtf my eyes were in tears when I typed that okay?! I miss primary school so badly. Oh and beb, I owe you one. So don't AK me yet ;P

I'mma watch Hellcats now hohoho. Sleep tight everyone!

Loves, V.

Sherlyn Beh Kar Wei ♥

Someone asked for a blog post ...... *giggles* But I'm afraid her stinkoness would bomb my blog.

Alright here it goes.

I've known this stinky when I was in Primary 1 where she was in the same class as Daniel. My class teacher and her class teacher are really good friends. Back then, teachers really enjoy using students as their messengers. So I'm always the one who have to pass some stupid notes. Her whole class knows me because ..... uhm okay something really embarassing wtf.

But we only got to know each other better when we were in the same class in Primary 2. That's when I finally found someone who can speak mandarin in school. She sits at the back of the class with Alvin. Her favourite sentence to use was "You must listen to me ah.." HAHAHAHAHA. That was because she's the one always wasting money to buy fcuking expensive color pens from the bookshop when none of us were willing to.

Not long, Peiwuon came and this is when the 3 of sticks to each other and we became really close. We would always skip lunch and stay in class just to act some drama haha. Like those old chinese movie where one of us would become the king, queen bla bla bla haha. Peiwuon was still missing her old school really much but we tried to make her love us more! ;P

The 3 of us were in the different class when we were in Primary 3. This really sucks and this is when very dramatic moments came. SmelLYN is really close with Rebecca and I was really close friends with Jordina and Winston but she still misses me haha. So she would be a really sweetheart and write letters to me. The letter is all about come join me for bla bla bla bla bla all that kinda stuffs la. I'm still keeping one of the letters if I'm not wrong lol.

We still play with each other. The girls in school would play five stones. And yes I have to admit that we are really good at it! We play it every morning, break and lunch. So probably the reason why our friendship did not sink hehe. And that's how I got to know Bee and Amelia.

A year later, we were all back together! VERY HAPPY CAN CRY DOT COM!!! No joke. I was so happy when I saw the name list. But you know girls are still girls. Jordina wasn't really cool with them and there was once that I made her cry because of SmelLYN and Peiwuon in the IT Lab in front of almost everyone lol. Then we got into some backstab and bitching thing. Omg, couldn't believe it at all haha.

We started backstabbing each other. The 3 of us backstabbing each other. I know this is a lil unbelievable but yes we really backstabbed each other BADLY. A million thank you to the tuition that saved the friendship from sinking. We confessed to each other and admitted our mistakes and then happily ever after wtf. No not ending yet.

Primary 5, I was separated from the both of them. They were both still in the same class but not me :( Then something called skipping rope brought us even closer this time. No more fights, arguements wtf. We were even better in this! NO JOKE MAN hahahahaahahaha. We skip lunch for this because lunch time is longer so we can play this longer. The teacher even confiscated our ropes because we play it in class hahahaha.

People call us 3 giants wtf. Because we were really tall that time. Taller than almost all the guys but we were slightly shorter than Andrew. We join the same co-co club just to see each other haha. Peiwuon was really emotional back then. She cried when she saw someone crying and ended up both crying non stop *smacks forehead*

SmelLYN would always have tears in her eyes whenever she eat the school's packet nasi lemak haha. The aunty selling it always save 3 packets for the 3 of us. Then, after school when we follow Mrs Kathy Chin home, Derrick would be carrying our big ass bag for us haha. SO SWEET RIGHT! No one even bothers to carry my bag for me anymore lol.

Primary 6, Peiwuon and I were in the same class but not SmelLYN *sigh* Its our last years and God still decided to take us away from each other. Everything was still the same. It was also SmelLYN's last year in Sri KL cause her mum didn't wanna fetch her all the way from Kepong to Subang anymore. She transferred to SMK DU.

We don't study in the same school and rarely have the chance to see each other that often but this has actually make us appreciate and love each other more.

Thank you for everything that you've done for me busuk. You know words can't really explain how I feel deeply inside. You've always been a fucking blur but sweet friend :)

But I wouldn't wanna tell you jokes anymore wtf.



Yours truly.

16 October 2008


I HAVE MY NEW WARDROBE! Sexy, big and spacious. Sexy as hell woohooo.
But no pictures yet cause the big mirror which was supposed to be my other door broke when it was on the way here. So will post the full look of it the next time :)

On the other hand, my papers today are screwed up. I memorise so many bidangs, so many nilais and so many definitition. In the end, I screwed myself. I was panic and tension till I totally forgot what I had memorize. 20 marks on essay goes down to the bin. As for English 2, it was quite screwed to. I think I have to bid byebye to my 15 marks for lit. I couldn't think of any moral values so the only thing that came to my mind was "not to be greedy" for The Necklace. I IZ SO DEAD GG.

History 2 tomorrow. I have 11 long big very long very big chapters to be done. Don't think I can finish it though but am willing to give it a try. I am trying to pass all my papers this week because I have totally no idea how to pass my papers next week. You see, I knew my marks before I even sit for the paper wtf *applause*

Gee, I can't seem to stick with one font. Any font suggestion? Georgia would be a big nono haha. It looks weird if you view it with Safari. I wanted Segoe but it only works if others have the font in their computer too. SUGGESTIONS!!

I have always been a fan of Kimora Lee after watching Life in the Fab Lane on E! I want my own customized car too wtf. Someone sponsor me my own fragrance too? Oh and my own bajus! By the way, does anyone know whether is Fabulosity selling in Malaysia? The design of the perfume bottle is really pretty - a shape of a diamond.

No she's not big sized either. I mean she look okay for her height and her kids are really adorable and funny! Thank God they have Season 2! ;)

I shall better get going. I wonder why should I study history of the deads.

Loves, V.

15 October 2008


I'm not supposed to be online now but heck, I can't stop myself at all wtf. I tried stopping myself but you know since Peiwuon was busy finding her Hyun Bin's pix, so I thought why not just update my blog haha.

I have absolutely no comment on my BM papers. It was fuhreaaaking tough! I reached a point where I nearly gave up doing it when I couldn't get translate my english points to BM. Gaahh, handed in 3 whole papers back and front in. I pray for at least marks for sympathy ;(

Tuition. As usual, very unproductive. Had always enjoyed Mod Maths tuition cause he would start cracking really STUPID jokes that would get us all laughing like mad. But the only bad thing is that I can't laugh like how I really laugh and it doesn't feel good. I like laughing with my mouth widely open and laugh with a really loud voice. But in tuition, I have to cover my mouth and laugh softly wtf -__-

Alright, enough of break. I think no one would ever believe that I would MIA from the blogosphere for 3 weeks.

I better get going. 33 moral definition? _l_

Loves, V.

14 October 2008

I Don't Wish To

but.. I have to force myself to study today onwards. Finals officially starts tomorrow. A total of 11 torturous day.

This is a really super duper last minute study so gotta really concentrate on them books now. I was really scared when I thought about this morning - when I was brushing my teeth heh ;P. Its a lil late but at least I'm finally conscience and aware of it. I love exams but so not the process. I wish I'm back in Form 3 now. 3 more days and I'm done with PMR! Then I would have longer holidays than anyone in school heh ;P

You know a dude from the next class is about to be expel? Or rather already been expelled? So dramatic but I think he truly deserves this. I've never like him after what he had said to me back in Form 2. Come on man, are you desperate or what? *roll ma fcking eyes*

So anyway, I better get going now. Who goes to tuition on a Finals month?! I have yet to tell Mummykins bout Finals but no worries, she'll know soon heh ;P

Can anyone tell me how do you memorise 33 Moral nilais? HOW HOW HOW HOW?

Takecare and don't forget to miss me! Must come back ok wtf. I still wanna earn cash or prolly I'll get Busuk to update my blog for meeee hehe.

Wish me luck.

Even Gisele loves me.

Your new president? ;)

You know you love me.

xoxo, Vivian Tan.


12 October 2008


I hate weekends. I truly hate it from the bottom of my heart but this only happens when I have no programme. And whenever I'm out, I have problems making up my mind whether to spend money or not to *sigh* Now, I wanna go out so badly!

Yesteday was worse. I slept in the bro's room. cSeong and I slept at the same time after watching some stupid movie and it was about 1. The next day, cSeong woke up at 11 and I woke up at 1 omg omg omg. 3 hours after I woke up, I went back to my room and have a sniff on my smelly pillow hhahahah wtf then I fell asleep again -__-

I only woke up when I heard Mummykins yelling my name. I quickly got off the bed and act as though I was using the phone but my blur face tells it all. She was shocked when she saw me sleeping again ahahha. Did you know that sleeping too much can cause you headache? Well, I was.

Lonely dinner again tonight. Boooooooo :(


This is an edit. I just had a chat with Mingyu. It really hits me when I finally realised how much I misses the good times we had. Haven't been seeing him lately but we shall meet up Mr Chan wtf. I have your black and white ok hahaha. I miss you so much kor :(

I acted too :)

Loves, V.

10 October 2008


I did not miss the night hehe. Thank God I had Busuk to open a post for me :)

The sound system is getting worse wtf. The companion was quite bad - everyone was 20, 30 and 40 years older than me. I completely forget how to sing haha. I thought Redbox's sound system was bad nuff my goodness, Neway's going down man. But the room was big and very spacious unlike Redbox - smelly and small.

Noone was there to snatch the mic with me. Noone was there to sing the same song as I do. The companion was really bad la no doubt. I wish I wasn't there yesterday night lol. I did not really had fun though :(

Drink of the night. This is really good!


I actually don'tk now whose she -__-

Everyone looks boring.

Aunty Irene, idkwho and Paps.

Its not his birthday but .... long story lol.

Group shot #1 - without me.

#2 - still without me :(

#3 - with meeee! :D

Happy family w/o the bros ;P


Loves, V.