12 September 2008

What goes around, comes around

Yap Liang is suffering from toothache! And the best thing is its the exact problem that I had the other time!

Too early for celebration wtf. I laughed at him and kinda shouted a "SERVE YOU RIGHT" when he said his tooth hurts. And guess whaaaaaaat? I'M HAVING TOOTHACHE AGAIN WTF. mahai its from the same tooth and Mummykins is most prolly dragging me to the dentist T____T I think I'm gonna pee in my pants tomorrow.

Thats why, we must watch our mouth when we talk. Cause' karma do exist and its fucking scary. I know I often say this but lemme repeat it again k. I LEARNT MY LESSON T______T

I had to rely on painkillers now sigh. I know its real bad but what to do. I am scared of almost everything. I can make small lil things sound as though its some shit ass big muthafcking big problem lol. I think God is trying to hint me again cause the painkiller is not working! It still kinda hurts now but its mild already.

Ate dinner with Mark & cSeong. Had smelly tofu and wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf it smelt like I DON'T KNOW WHAT and he it stinks like I DON'T KNOW WHAT TOO. It tasted a lil sour after eating omg omg omg that smell! I can remember the smell -_____- Never eating it again.

No fate with Jenn again :(

I think I better watch my Dark Knight now MUAHAHAHAHA.

Loves, V.

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