24 September 2008


I've downloaded the whole of Hyori Lee's latest album, It's Hyorish. Frankly, her latest songs ain't as good as it used to be. When I first heard Anymotion, it was fuhreaaaaaking good. I literally had a crush over her body, look and voice heh. And I got really shocked when I wiki-ed her, she's reaching her 30s very soon! ♥ ♥ her body.

We had a motivational talk by an ex-student of my school this morning. He started telling us his stories when he was in Form 4 of trying to be a hero, break the school system, take up ciggies & drugs, getting a 20 to 30% and playing truant for more than half a year of Form 4.

It was very motivating honestly. He was really a bad student back in highschool. He said he was as good as the rubbish inside the rubbish bins. He only started to work hard when he was 16 and he managed to get 2 A's in SPM. That's quite an achievement for a student like that ok. His hard works pay off la. He got few scholarships and finishes his degree in the States. Miracle?

My room is done heh. I am so happy with the result and it made me felt like I had just move into a new house haha. Mummykins is planning to get me new wardrobe, cupboard and curtains. As for painting, I am not gonna paint my room yet *sigh* No hot pink room YET wtf -___-



Not much of a difference from the photo but the floor is so smooth now. The room is also squeaaaky clean! The maid vacumed, mopped and swept the floor in the evening just now. Poor thing. Felt kinda bad though.

Gotta go for GG now ;)

Loves, V.

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