19 September 2008

This Time

Wonder Girls - This Time is a must hear to all of you! It is actually the song playing right now in my blog. I didn't like it the very first time when Sengster thinks that he have cooler songs than I do wtf wtf. He talks about Ahn So Hee almost everytime I talks to him so yeah as days passes, I start to love this song - my current ringtone haha. GO GET YOUR DOWNLOADS! ;)

Was looking forward to the end of school today. Couldn't really pay attention on what the teacher's trying to teach in front. My heart is just not in the class at all. All I ever wanna do was to get ma ass home asap and have a nice afternoon nap.

Dragged Stephy and Kyearn out today. Fats tagged along as well. Followed Kyearn to the post office and had a nice time with the aircond after walking under the sun for idk how many minutes wtf.

The minute I reached home, I dropped dead at cSeong's bed and had nice long 4 hour nap wtf if you call that a nap la haha. Woke up, had a nice bath then twas' dinner.

I have a soon-to-be-growing zit somewhere near my nostril wtf. I can barely move my nose now cos its hurts so badly. Am finding ways to get rid of it. Also, my face is as rough as the sandpaper wtff damn sad lor. I think its the allergy again *sigh*

Mr. Kenny Thong is back but I don't seem to have the mood to go out lately. I can only get my allowance on the 22th next month wtf. I'm also saving money for all sorts of things so havta spend wisely already. Money not enough wtf. Omg speaking of that, I've yet to watch Money Not Enough 2 -________-

Gtg watch my drama!


Your smile.. is to die for.

Loves, V.

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