07 September 2008

There can be miracle

I wonder why does my MSN always die on me whenever I'm in the mood to chat wtf. I think I have to agree with Sengster wtf; MSN does hates me :( Ugh, whatever man. I like taking shots of people whenever I have a webie convo with them heh. I get happier whenever I see ugly shots of them hahaha.

Had a webie convo with this long lost friend of mine.

why that face?

that's better :)

The feeling didn't turn out to be as awkward as I thought. I really had fun talking to him. And I do realise, its hard to crack a joke nowadays. People around me thinks that I'm the Queen of lame jokes but OBVIOUSLY I'm not la! If I am, I would have to marry Hendrich (Lame King) hahaha. The joke is supposed to be funny but people will be like, "lame wei!" -____- Damn hurtful lor.

Mummykins new ride came last week. You know when Paps was trying to sell the Merc, she kept telling me about how good the turning point bla bla bla and she tried using me to call Paps to tell him that I would miss the Merc if he sell it off and I did help her haha. Now, I need not hear all her rants and complains because she's loving her car badly wtf -___-

The good news for me is I do not need to sit the van to school anymore!! *cheeeeerrsss* Okay noone knew about it lol. I had to wake up like 10 minutes earlier than usual in order to get to school earlier than anyone just so noone would see me coming out from the van T__T Sitting a van to school is no biggie but FYI, the van is full of very ugly battery stickers even cSeong is not willing to sit on it ok wtf. I'm not spoilt! Try putting yourself in my shoe T__T

I was quite pissed la somemore cSeong finished his finals already and Paps doesn't wanna send me to school so cWey would have to do it and he had to use the van because Mummykins had no car to use so she had to take his. But as day passes, I got used to it already -___________________-

The other good news is Bad Campus Belle/Miss No Good/Bu Liang Xiao Hua/不良笑花 is coming out tonight in Taiwan! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I can finally watch it after the long awaiting. To be honest, I have a feeling that its gonna be a fucking bad show lol. Will Pan have no experience in acting at all so of course I doubt la. *silence* Okay, I SHOULD NOT doubt my own husband! :D

Speaking of Will, almost all my relatives asked me whether I went to see him or not T__T The moment I step into granny's house, my aunt started asking me all sorts of question. My granny wanted to see his picture too lol. I blamed my aunt hahaha because I had no transport to KL and her being my aunt, should offer a ride. From no regrets to I think I'm feeling damn regret *sigh*

Okay gotta end before people start complaining I talk too much!

4/10 -____-

GP :)

Loves, V.

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