17 September 2008


So Mummykins did not ffk me woohoo. I'mma happy happy kid again, Sengster ;P

Went over to Pyramid. Bought 4 pants which are super comfy & reasonable, a tee, a pink handphone pouch and a fucking beautiful bag! Omg I'm so in love with the bag though its a lil expensive. Salesgirls nowadays are so powderful. Despite being happy, I also feel very guilty wtf. We have to do shopping without letting Paps knew haha just so he wouldn't get mad, spending money in such economy.

Just came back from tuition. This is the most borinnggggg Mod Maths tuition everrrr! Everyone seems so dead. I should've just told Mummykins that today's tuition is cancelled wtf wtf wtf. Ok la karma karma.

And something to entertain you guys.





Stay tune for more hahaha.

Loves, V.

2 bombs thrown:

uKen said...

The year pictures look damn funny la.

viviantan ♥ said...

I know! haha. go try yours too. I wanna have a look at your pakcik face ;P