21 September 2008

Moonlight Resonance *two thumbs up*

The drama has finally come to an end. I'm sure I'm gonna miss such a nice drama. I love love love love the ending! I don't quite remember when was the last time I saw a drama with such perfect ending. I had goosebumps when I saw Ka Mei stood up and pointed at Yan Hong wtf wtf! SHE SHOULD'VE DID THAT SINCE THE VERY BEGINNING!! Nvm, watch it yourself ;D

Banting was boring as ever but gotta play around with those lil kids. Haven't seen them since months ago. Looking at them grow, makes me feel very very old. I lost count at all their ages and I hardly can remember their names man T__T Is this symptoms of getting old? They grow really really fast *sigh*

Finals is just around the corner (I do realise the amount of times I remind myself ok) but I haven't start to flip my books yet. Friends around me have been stressing over this issue and when people around you get stress, you get stress as well. That's why I don't wish to talk about it at all and I don't even remind my friend bout' how close it is.

I don't like seeing them stressing because it influences me. And when they stress, I felt really useless because I haven't been studying. When they starts talking bout the amount of books, the amount of facts they have to memorize, I felt like I'm crying right inside *bigger sigh* So much to read, so little time to prepare. So, I'll start studying tomorrow! DON'T BREAK MY DETERMINATION AHH!

Since the upcoming dramas don't look that interesting to me, so I guess I'll only watch the repeated ones. Don't try to call me in between my studying time to break my determination ok. I am a very determined person wtf wtf T___T

Sleep tight readers.

Loves, V.

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