08 September 2008

Miss No Good

I just watched Miss No Good. Why can't Rainie just speak like how she usually speak instead of shouting and screaming to one another?! -___- And her friend is just in front of her wtf. I'm sure the drama would turn out better one lor. And Xiao Call talks like everyone is deaf ok! I'm not joking, prolly you should watch it too.

Oh and don't give me comments bout' the show at all man! I hate receiving negative remarks about Will. Not even a insy winsy bit ok! Just that day when Mayteng took out his old secondary photo where she got it from Youtube, claiming that its a before and after surgery photo wtf. I got so pissed and they were having a good laugh mahai *grrrrrrrr*

Oh God, how I wish we have assembly every single day! They had the Prefect Installation of o8' & o9' today. Nothing to do with me but the assembly was really long and I love it haha. Peiwuon and I basically talked throughout the whole assembly. I even taught Shawn how to sing the *cough* very-hamsap-version-of-Xiao-Wei *cough*

I feel deeply sorry for Yikhao *burst out laughing loudly* He have been a good alarm lately but his gonna take a day off tomorrow cause he didn't have enough sleep the nights before and he had to wake up at 610am to wake me up hahaha. I'm not trying to be mean ok. Its just something he owes me :)

My Bee called from Aussieland today. God damnit, haven't been talking to her lately and thank goodness she's doing fine. Your latest news have definitely gave me a big big surprise, B.

Beetch will be sitting for her SPM Trials for weeks. Lucks beb! xo.


Guess whose hand?

Its either wanted or unwanted.

Loves, V.

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