15 September 2008



I am so happy to finally decide what to take for college. Its still early to make my final decision but no harm right. It does not even requires calculation omg how great man! Mummykins thinks that if I don't do calculation, I would be stupid wtf. Fuck, I better stick to the same plan.

Some bastard pushed my head against the edge of the window frame. IT HURTS AND TILL NOW, IT STILL HURTS! No sign of blueblack but IT STILL HURTS! I was fucking pissed and those suk chun bastards in my class never admit for what they do. They dropped almost everything on my table when I came back after lunch but when I ask, no one admits wtf wtf.

LOSAAAAAAAAASSSSS! Did you guys just swallow your fucking balls? *roll eyes* Its fun to hang around you guys but come on, admit for what you did la its not like we would grab a knife and stab on you right? What's so bad to admit for what you did wrong? Why can't people apologize huh huh huh huh! The extinction of the word sorry begins -__-

And for that suk chun bastard who pushed my head, I believe in karma. Prolly you would lost one of your bola tomorrow? Who knows right ;) Good luck! Karma is awaiting you.

Lotsa loves, V.

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