25 September 2008


.... on a freaking morning.

You know the bunch of guys in my class have this huge "thing" for balls? Any types of ball will do, even a deflated one works well nuff. Being the very inconsiderate them, they play it in the classroom in between periods when the teacher left or during break/lunch. The teachers knew about it but none of them keeps the ball for good.

Moral got burnt. No relief teachers came in either so the guys were busy playing at the back of the class. When I was quietly stressing over some stupid Maths question, something hit on my head *insert the sound where you won a jackpot at the machine wtf* A VERY FUCKING HARD ONE which I do not know till now whether its the ball or Wen Jie's freaking disgusting dirty shoes. The next thing I know, I stood up and started shouting and swears like there's no tomorrow.

He apologised (IT WASN'T EVEN A SINCERE ONE!!!) but oh well, I rolled my eyes. Then, my tears started to roll wtf very embarassing dot com. MIND YOU, THEY DID NOT EVEN STOP PLAYING!! They continued shouting, yelling and enjoying their game wtf. CAN SOMEONE JUST SEND THEM TO THE ETIQUETTE CLASS, ASAP? The pain was agony. Imagine a flying object just hit your head like that, how can you possibly not shout, get pissed, blame it on them and swear like there's not tomorrow!

Thereupon, my head was vertiginous but it wasn't for long. The tears was still rolling for more than half a period. At that very moment, I told myself that I will never ever talk to THESE KINDA GUYS anymore ESPECIALLY the ones who were part of the bloody game. I practically rolled my eyes, turned my back or walk away whenever they calls my name.

I was all jolly happy again after one period lol but I wasn't talking to them except the few ones near me and they were actually expecting me to forgive that stickman?! NO fucking WAY! I am trying to be someone forgiving but ffs, it totally went off my limits. I admit I was somewhere close to talking to him again when he cracks his never ending lame jokes and I smiled to him wtf.

AND THEN, you know what I heard from him??????

"Don't talk then don't talk laaa. I don't care also,"

THEN WHY DID HE BOTHER TO APOLOGISE HUH HUH HUH! I told you it wasn't even a sincere one hah! Conclusion is, the guys in my class stinks and their freaking childish. I dare to say I'm simply much more mature than them lor. Do you even see a bunch of Sec 4 guys playing police & thieves? Running around the whole courtyard? DO YOU DO YOU DO YOU! I don't even see any upper primary kids play that!

To add on to my suay-ness, my phone is in deep shit wtf. The dialled, missed and received calls history is not working. & my last call is supposingly 15 mins ago but its written 14 Sept which was last week wtf. I need to get it done asap man. I can't bare to see my phone sick at all :( I had to constantly check on the call list, hoping that miracle would happened *sigh* I was hoping that I would get a new phone wtf haha. I AM REALLY DREAMING -____-

Moi shall snooze.

Very pissed, V.

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