03 September 2008

I'll stand by you

I had the best day ever! 3 periods of Science burnt! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It feels damn good when we don't have to follow up her notes, do her work or listen to her voice. I wish I can just tell you how much I dislike her if I needn't watch my mouth.

We'll see, the time will come soon heh *big wide grin*

I was the only girl in tuition during the first half an hour T___T But the only thing is that the guys in tuition don't make fun of me like how the useless bunch of batang in class does. Okay la, I don't know anyone in tuition except Nelson hahaha. Its a good sign you know, at least I can take a break from those jokes unless God wants to haunt me with it =(

So much of extra & replacement class to be made. I want to drop my BM tuition so badly but on the other hand, I love the teacher! She's super dooper cool and she's really nice. If only I don't have to rush and go to tuition feeling all tired and sleepy on Fridays. I really would love to have BM classes wtf. Call me weird hahaha.

Mummykins is nagging now. I'm finally playing PE tomorrow after so long heh.

Nights people. Sleep tight and have a good night :)

My toy.

I love this drama!

Loves, V.

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