06 September 2008


Dramas man, drama!

This is the last thing that I wish would happened. Going through all those shivering, crying and worried moments is just plain dumb. You got all of us worried for you and yet you turned on the silent mode and continue sleeping. I was fucking disappointed when I knew you weren't at Ally's house. What happened to you? What happened to those promises you made? What happened to 2am hardcore studies? What happened to getting in colleges? I miss the old you..

Just got off the webcam with Dean McDumb. The whole convo was prolly bout' how the whole world got included on the drama wtf and we're still talking about it now. Maybe you should stop being sorry for everything although the blame will be put on you but prolly you should give yourself a break. And, I mean a real break and stop clubbing lol.

Sigh, I wish everything did not even happened.

So anyway, I'm so getting these!

Gladiator sandals!

Omg, I love it so so so so much that I even dreamt about me wearing it wtf. I IM-ed the brother this afternoon to talk about it and he agreed to buy it for me as my belated belated birthday present! But later then I realise, its quite pricey to buy it online. The original price is 59.90rm but I would have to plus the shipping fees too which is 12rm. I can actually get rid of the 12rm but there's nothing much that I feel like buying anymore!

I think I can get it at better price outside wtf prolly it'll even look nicer.

Ahhhh damn moody now. I'm so in love with the sandals -____-

Loves, V.

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